The Dota Never Stops: Defense Tiebreakers

By tree.hugger
07:46 January 28 2013
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Just when we were done with all the regularly scheduled Dota for the week, we've got more Dota down the pipeline. In this case, we've been thrown into a three-way tie for second place in The Defense Group A. Our loss to Virtus.Pro and their subsequent loss to Mousesports have knotted VP, AL.Academy, and ourselves, each with 4-3 records. Losing doesn't mean elimination, but at stake is the second spot in the group and a bid to the winners bracket. If we drop in the tiebreaker, we'll have a challenge to fight through the losers bracket instead.

These are the matches:
18:00 UTC (+00:00) - Virtus.Pro vs AL.Academy
19:00 UTC (+00:00) - Liquid vs Virtus.Pro
20:00 UTC (+00:00) - Liquid vs AL.Academy (if necessary)

[image loading]Team Liquid vs Virtus.Pro[image loading]
(and hopefully [image loading] Absolute Legends Academy)

—The Defense Tiebreakers—

Tuesday, Jan 28 7:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Defense on Wiki

Obviously, given how good both of these teams have done, they are not to be under-estimated. We had diverging results against both squads. Against AL.Academy, we cruised to a smooth victory. Against Virtus.Pro, we took an early deficit, fought tenaciously midgame,and eventually lost. And of course, just a few days ago, we played VP again, winning 2-0 in the D2L.

Virtus.Pro: [image loading] KSi , [image loading] Illidan , [image loading] Crazy , [image loading] Santa , [image loading] NS

Absolute Legends Academy: [image loading] chroMium , [image loading] linkoo , [image loading] aCidrain , [image loading] blr , [image loading] pandasaurusrex

Both of these teams are ones we have winning records against, and both are ones that we should feel confident in beating. On paper, Virtus.Pro looks like the stronger challenge; they are much more distinguished, results-wise, than the AL.Academy team. But you can never be quite sure, if AL.Academy has gotten this far, they can upset us too if we aren't focused enough. That they qualified as outsiders to The Defense, and impressed enough to be picked up by a professional team is compelling evidence of their strength.

Still, despite losing 1-2 to Fnatic yesterday, and 0-2 to Empire before that, it's been a weekend of comparable highs for Liquid as well. We took 2-0 revenge on Virtus.Pro, and our first game against Fnatic showed a good deal of strength. It's just a matter of playing the good games and learning from the bad ones. We've done a lot of both, and that's what's going to keep propelling us forward, hopefully into The Defense winners bracket.

Liquid Fighting!

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