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By tree.hugger
07:48 January 29 2013
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These guys again.

Just when we thought we had infiltrated and neutralized the EG starcraft operation, it turned out that they have a pretty damn good Dota 2 team as well. That obviously won't do. Today, Liquid`Dota will get our first crack at the Evil Empire in a new arena. We've played Dignitas—the top performing North American team at the moment—twice, and now we'll play EG, the last member of the trio of top NA squads.

For those of you who don't know the history of Liquid vs EG, you're in for the opening scene of what promises to be another dramatic act in the history of this rivalry. More than anything else, it's important that we beat up EG every once in a while to keep their cockiness in check. You know, for the good of the scene.

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— Killing Spree NA —

Wednesday, Jan 29 6:30pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

NEO Dota Killing Spree on Liquipedia

There's no doubting that EG's Dota2 line-up is a tough nut to crack. They placed second at Dreamhack Winter, and their core of Maelk, Fear, and DeMoN went to The International 2 and performed quite well. They're known both for their solid play and their famous pocket "Knight Strategy". True to EG form, they're outspoken and occasionally too confident for their own good, such as when they drafted Meepo against Fnatic.NA and got smashed.

Still, their success has positioned them among the best teams in the world, and certainly in NA. This is Killing Spree, where we're playing EG for the right to challenge the current kings; Dignitas. To get the win here and get a third chance against the team that has been our nemesis so far would be nice.

Evil Geniuses: dk Maelk, us Fear , ca Jeyo , us DeMoN , us bdiz

For Liquid`Dota, our up and down week continued yesterday with a frustrating loss to Virtus.Pro, then a dramatic game against AL.Academy that resulted in a win. We've played well, and we've played sloppily. Although the games have always been entertaining, our search for consistency continues. But against EG, consistency goes out the window for a day. We just need to win,

Liquid Fighting!

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