Dignitas Doubleheader: DotaHut and Killing Spree!

By tree.hugger
16:31 February 04 2013
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Dotahut will be postponed to a later date following the Killing Spree Reschedule

It wasn't so long ago that Liquid`Dota played eight matches in nine days, but given the intervention of a five day break it suddenly feels like forever since we last saw the team play. Well suffer no more, as Liquid is right back in action today in a doubleheader against Dignitas. First, we lock horns in Killing Spree NA, where Dignitas is the King of the Hill, and we've fought through Fnatic.NA and EG to gain the right to challenge them. Then, immediately after, we play our losers bracket match in the DotaHut Invitational.

So far, we've played close, long games against Dignitas, but we haven't scored a win from them, going 0-4 overall. Today is a great opportunity to reverse that result in one fell swoop. After the week of matches and scrims during the "break", Liquid is looking in better form than we have before, especially in our past matches vs our North American rivals.

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— Killing Spree NA —

Tuesday, Feb 04 8:30pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

NEO Dota Killing Spree on Liquipedia

— DotaHut Invitational —
Tuesday, Feb 04 10:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

DotaHut Invitational on Wiki

In past games against Dignitas, we have usually held a lead in the midgame, only to lose lategame against a very farmed Aui_2000. In today's matches, the key will be containing Dignitas's 4-1 potential, finding ways to catch Aui out, and being aggressive about ruining his laning phase. Having a carry hero who can match Aui lategame might also be helpful if we hope to drag the game late. Dignitas is a team with a lot of talent and experience. They play a powerful style that has given our midgame teamfight focus fits. Hopefully for Liquid, the third (and fourth) try will be the charm, and we'll take both wins today!

Dignitas: us Fogged, ca Aui_2000, us UNiVeRsE, us Tidesoftime, ca Waytosexy

Don't miss the games today! We have the opportunity to be on top of the North American heap, and move into the final four of the DotaHut Invitational! These are big games, lose and we'll have left a big opportunity wanting in KSNA and we're out of DotaHut. Lets go!

Liquid Fighting!

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