Liquid vs Mousesports in the D2L

By tree.hugger
15:33 February 07 2013
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Get ready, because Liquid is BACK in the Dota 2 League! We're 3-3 so far, with our last win against Virtus.Pro helping a ton. With that win and our victories over ex-mTw and Fnatic.EU, we're actually not in such a bad position. Our three losses have come against two of the best performing teams and Na'Vi. So if we buckle down and continue to improve the way we've been improving, than we can demolish the second half of our schedule to reach the playoffs.

But one step at a time. Our match today is against Mousesports, probably the hottest western team in 2013. Until Tuesday, this team had gone 7-0 in series on the year, and held a ten series win streak from 2012. But in the last two days, they've cooled off some. Fnatic.EU broke their run with a 2-0 win, and Dignitas got revenge for two earlier losses with a 2-1 victory of their own. We'll hope to extend Mouz's misery just a bit in today's action!

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— D2L Week Seven —

Friday, Feb 07 8:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

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Last time we played, in The Defense groupstage, Mouz smashed us. It was one of our worst performances in our short history and given the Bo1 format, we had no chance to make amends. Until now; this is that chance. Mouz has earned the right to not be underestimated. Black^ is one of the western scene's best single carries, and he is ably supported by the all German line. FATA, traditionally in the mid role has been doing some carrying of his own, especially with fearsome gyrocopter play. Against Dignitas, Mouz won once with him and lost twice without him. It'll be extremely key to find paths to shut down these two, as they're Mouz's top playmakers.

Mousesports: de KuroKy , de Black^ , de FATA , de paS , de Alex

Today's D2L match comes at a pivotal point. We're in good position now, but a loss makes it very hard for us to get into the playoffs. There are only four spots, and we've already collected three losses. We need to run the table, to get final four, and that's certainly possible. But handing Mousesports a third straight loss here is absolutely essential.

Liquid Fighting!

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