Starcraft - The Diet Strikes Back

By Liquid`Sheth
22:40 February 07 2013
Hello again,

I’m sorry that it’s been a little over a week since my last blog. This is essentially a blog after 2 weeks instead of the 1 that I'd planned. I guess I understand a little bit more about writers and their deadlines now! Anyway, this is another blog to talk about what I've been up to lately.

To start with, I've been on a new diet. I'd started out at 312 pounds, and at the time of my last blog I was down to 301.5. The idea of the diet is based on the Paleo Diet and if you want to know more about it please check out my last Blog

So as I'm sure most of you know from your own life there are always ups and downs to life. Nothing ever stays the same (except I guess war) so the first week was a great "up" in my life. I was losing weight and feeling great. And the second week... well the second week.. I was feeling even better and losing even more weight! 

I've started to play tennis in addition to sprinting and even starting doing some exercises like weight lifting that Robbie had recommended that I do. This was all really exciting and fun to get back into. I was starting to feel like I used to feel back in high school, when I had energy to do whatever I wanted to do in regards to sports. However sometimes we can get ahead of ourselves. Sometimes we think we are capable of more than we really are.

After my second week I managed to get down to 296.5 pounds which was another positive week for me for sure and I was feeling good. I do realize that weight in itself isn't a always a good measurement for how a diet is doing, but it is a measurement that I am tracking. Anyway I had plans for the Super Bowl and my favorite team—the Ravens—were going to be playing in it. First time for me to have my team in a Super Bowl so I was insanely happy and ready for that! It was around this time that I ended up hurting my left knee a bit. I don't know how it happened or when. I know that the 3 days before I'd played tennis, sprinted and worked out my legs. One day after that when I woke up my knee was really sore and hurt when I'd even walk a little.

I'd already went from being able to play and type on the computer all day to not being able to do that barely at all and now I was having to go from finally getting back into walking and running and sports to not walking at all! So now unable to walk or use my hands I was rather sad for a little while. My leg has since improved a ton, but it lasted for around a week where I didn't want to sprint or play sports on it at all. I still slowly walked and tried to bring it back to where it was that way. However during this time I didn't end up exercising as much as I should have or really much at all. If you've ever been happy on a diet it’s very easy to keep doing it. When something is a sad time in your life it's generally much more difficult to keep doing what you’re doing.

Anyway I ended up eating chips and dip I'd had for the Super Bowl and plenty of cookies as well. So coupled with my exercise routine being very limited for a week or so and messing up on my diet really drastically that day I've gained weight back a bit again. So right now I'm at around 298 pounds or so. I've still managed to lose weight from the 301.5 that I was at 2 weeks ago, but maybe not as much as you expected or as much as I expected. However I think knowing that I'm back on the diet and getting back to where I can do more exercise (although hopefully not over doing it this time!) is really helping me get happier. And as I mentioned staying on a diet is much easier when you’re happy rather than sad. 

A big motivating part of this is Victor and Robbie who are always willing to talk and provide support whenever I'm having problems or questions. Having a group to talk with and motivate you can be very helpful if you’re on a diet and start to feel it slipping out from under you. Also I've received many awesome messages from readers of my last blog who've given me advice tips and just good thoughts. For those of you who did that, I really hope I responded to you individually and thanked you, but if I didn't, thanks a lot!. 

So right now I'm as motivated as ever writing about this and telling you about how I've been of late. Sorry it’s not a picture perfect blog where I'm losing tons of weight and always feeling great while doing it, but I honestly doubt many diets are like that. I still feel like the Paleo diet has been only amazing though. I still strongly recommend it and will continue on it!

That’s it for now, I'll try my best to have another one up and running next week. My favorite piece of advice from this diet so far has been "If you are inactive in your work or even while watching TV, please after 1 hour always, always take 2-3 minutes away from whatever you were doing to stretch and walk". Have a good week guys and thanks for reading!
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