Razer Replaypack of the Week #57: TLO

By Plexa
23:05 February 08 2013

From various games!

Welcome back to the Razer Replay Pack of the Week featuring Liquid`TLO! Yes, we know we featured TLO only two issues ago but this time is different. Why is it different? Because this is TLO playing HotS. We all know that TLO is a creative mind that thrived during the chaos of WoL Beta, so what exactly is he up to in HotS? Find out as he goes up against the likes of BabyKnight, Goody, XlorD, Tassadar, Idra and WhiteRa.

Did you miss Razer Replaypack of the Week #56, featuring Liquid`Zenio? Follow the link to pick it up now!.

Put together by the Liquid Replay team - Liquid`Drone, TheMango, Plexa, p4NDemik, Noam, heyoka and shz. Thanks guys! Thanks to Lipthepencilboy and shiroiusagi for the graphics and formatting!

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