Aegis of the Immortal: Liquid vs EG in The Defense

By tree.hugger
07:19 March 04 2013
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By most accounts, we shouldn't even be in this position. In the previous round of The Defense 3 playoffs, a well-prepared and on-point Mousesports team had Liquid`Dota dead to rights in game three of our series. Then, the impossible happened, a remarkable hold on our final set of barracks and then a YOLO balls to the wall sortie that routed a stunned Mousesports team and gave Liquid one of the most memorable wins of the year.

But towards the tail end of our recent 17 match streak and in recent days, Liquid`Dota has looked vulnerable. Mousesports would get revenge a day later, and recently we lost 0-2 to EG in the EIZO February Cup. We've beaten a handful of unsponsored teams in the interim, including yesterday's knockdown dragout against DD. But if we hope to continue our march through The Defense playoffs, we'll need to regain the confidence we had in the midst of our streak.

Our next opponents are EG. We get a quick opportunity to avenge our EIZO loss and to restore balance to the force today.

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—The Defense Playoffs—

Tuesday, Mar 04 8:30pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Defense on Wiki

We know EG well, but perhaps not well enough. In the EIZO Cup, EG shoved aside the more standard strategies that they had employed in previous losses, and instead opted for clever teamfight and push line-ups. One-dimensional, yet extremely effective in that match, as our North American rivals won 2-0 and proceeded to win the whole tournament. In today's match, we need to be better prepared against EG and their famous propensity for pocket strategies.

We also need to get back the mojo that we had just a week ago. Things just haven't gone for us in the past few games as they were going not to long ago. We need to figure out why that's happening and what to do about it. That doesn't mean we've been playing badly, but it's a great reminder that there is always something to work on. Given the stakes of this match and the identity of our opponents, there's certainly an extra incentive to put it all together today.

Evil Geniuses: us Fear, ca Jeyo, us DeMoN, dk Maelk, us bdiz

Ready? Only five teams remain in The Defense. This is a critical match, the winner will make the final four and book a date with Fnatic.EU. Oh, and remember... it's EG. We can't lose twice in a row to these guys, especially not after dominating our previous meetings. Lets do this.

Liquid Fighting!
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