Liquid vs Denmark in D2L and TPL!

By tree.hugger
07:59 March 10 2013
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Graphics by alteredclone

After a brief sojourn to the East, the attention of the Dota 2 scene turns westward once more. The D2L is wrapping up, while The Premier League is in full swing. With wins today, we would be able to clinch a D2L playoff spot, and extend our unbeaten record in TPL. That wouldn't be too bad for a day's work!

In our way are the two top Danish squads. 3DMAX are our final D2L round robin opponents, while Absolute Legends are our rivals in TPL. It should be a good day of Dota, and one with a lot riding on the line.

But before the games commence, it's important that we properly support the boys in blue. As part of our artistic celebration of Liquid`Dota, (in addition to our winners, erby, qelix, and youreastud) we enlisted the help of Alteredclone, to make his TPL banner (modeled above) into some Liquid`Dota wallpaper. With this gracing the desktops of enough fans, the positive karma will surely propel the team to even greater heights!

Okay, back to business.

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— D2L Week Eleven —

Monday, Mar 10 3:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Dota 2 League on Wiki

[image loading]Team Liquid vs Absolute Legends[image loading]

— The Premier League —

Monday, Mar 10 6:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Premier League 4 on Liquipedia

We played 3DMAX before, taking a clean 2-0 in The Defense playoffs. The team has struggled as opponents have caught wise to their preferred Wisp-CK play. When we last met, we picked that combination ourselves, and then banned it out for the second game. Still, if you give this team what they want, they can make magic happen. Recently they lost 1-2 to Na'Vi, but the game they won came with their bread and butter global ganking squad.

There's a good deal that we can accomplish by taking care of business here. A win guarantees a spot in the D2L playoffs that we fought very hard to achieve.

3DMAX: dk Hyac , dk NoiA , dk HeStEJoE-RoTTeN , dk Ace , dk HawaiiOo

Absolute Legends are a team we have yet to really play. We technically met them in the Bigpoint Battle, but they played that tournament with three standins, and forfeited game two. So that really doesn't count. Overall, they are a newer squad than our own, having been formed around MaNia after the previous group fell apart. For this team, AL has clearly chosen to look closer to home, as four of the five players hail from Denmark, and Miracle is not much farther afield in Sweden. After debuting with some strong performances, AL has struggled to assert itself of late, and is on a 0-5 series streak going into today's match. Given our hot start in TPL, we ought to be the favorites in this match.

Absolute Legends: dk MaNia , dk unicornxoxo , dk miGGel , dk Ryze , se Miracle

In the end, today ought to be a relaxing Sunday of Dota for the viewer, and an important one for the team. Remember daylight savings, times go forward an hour as of the precise moment of this being posted in many places! Don't miss this match, see the calendar on the right side of TLPro for the countdown!

Liquid Fighting!

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