Going Pro Part I

By Liquid`TLO
22:39 March 13 2013
Hello everyone,

I'll dedicate this blog to how I want to become a pro-gamer. Even though I make my living from gaming, I never considered myself a true professional. Most of the past years have been pretty unstructured and I haven't consistently been working towards my goals.

I'm an easily distracted person. When I was in school I was usually always the best when we started covering a new topic, but slowly became closer to average as I lost interest and something new grasped my attention. I pick things up quickly, but I am also lazy and unfocused. It happens a lot to me that when I am thinking and try to solve a problem I end up thinking about everything but the thing at hand.

The same applies to SC2 as well, rather than optimising 1 style I usually shift every now and then how I approach the game, which isn't necessarily bad but definitely needs to be structured better. For that reason I finally want to start living on a proper training schedule, hoping to gain more consistency. I figured I should share it with you so you guys can hold me accountable for when I seem to be lazy!

Here's my first timetable, consider it a work in progress!

Just to explain some things in the schedule that might not be entirely clear:

"preparing the day": includes doing groceries for the day, breakfast, hygiene and a light workout. I come to the conclusion that a proper start in the day is absolutely vital for my training and performance in tournaments.

"doing something nice": Once a week I'll try to get completely away from all stress, go to a spa get a massage relax in the sauna. Shut off and rejuvenate. Training all week long can be pretty taxing so I think I'll gain a lot from having some time for myself to recover.

Sunday is my tournament day that I'll try to dedicate entirely to playing online cups and learning habits that are useful in offline competitions, basically simulating events as close as I can from home.

This is my first complete version and I am sure it'll require a lot of tweaking still. I'll try to follow this for 1 month and then see if need to revise it, whether I can do with less sleep, add more sports and maybe need to increase the amount of sc2 practiced. Sometimes the schedule will have to be adjusted a bit, for example when I am playing team leagues or participating in cups other than on Sunday. I'll probably play from time to time on my free day as well but shouldn't overdo it, as its point is to make the rest of my week more efficient.

I realise the last few months my training was really sub-par. It took me a long time to find my own apartment in Berlin, I still don't have internet at my new place thanks to ISPs sucking... and the winter has been extremely depressing. However now Heart of The Swarm is changing things up and spring is finally breaking through in Berlin. No more slacking.

Big shout out to Robert, Steffi and my brother Aurel who have been excellent coaches!

I'll give you guys an update after i48!
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