TaeJa returns to Code S!

By tree.hugger
04:21 April 11 2013
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Graphics by shiroiusagi

Given the recent psionic storm over the announcement of the WCS 2013 program, it's hard to remember that there is actually a lot of Starcraft going on. And it's awesome. So leaving aside drama and implications and whatever else this match might mean, let's just take a moment and remember that TaeJa is playing in his Code S group today. And it's gonna be awesome.

This is Group D of the first HotS GSL season, with two of each race having currently made it into the next round and some big names falling. In today's group, we see two formidable terran and two potent zerg threats vying to grab their Ro16 slots. You might recognize one time GSL runner-up LosirA (under another name), BW savant and OSL winner Fantasy, and Princess, known for having a great ID and being the subject of one of this writer's early proleague write-ups!

In other words, this'll be a ton of fun. Let's watch some starcraft.

2013 GSL2 Code S Ro32 Group D
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa
Friday, Apr 11 9:10am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL/Code S

The opening match is gonna be a doozy. TaeJa is in the opener, and his opponent will be the ever-frightening Fantasy. In something echoing his BW career, Fantasy hasn't yet put together a big tournament run and has been good but not outstanding in Proleague. Yet you can't help looking at his play and wondering when it'll come together in something massive.

TvT in HotS has undergone some changes which have put the match-up in flux, but it's the best kind of flux. The kind of flux where anything can happen. Expect fireworks in this opener.

Given the way the matches are laid out, we're guaranteed TvZ's in the winners and losers matches. That's fine for TaeJa, he's done just fine in that match-up so far in HotS, most notably beating ROOTYuGiOh three consecutive times in the Acer Teamstory Cup. These two zerg opponents are strong, but there's no doubt that the balance of recent results lies with the terran in the group. Hopefully he's able to make good of the odds on paper and grab a quick victory to keep his wrists from getting too stressed.

kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < > kr [image loading] SKT_fantasy
kr [image loading] T8_Princess (TRUE) < > kr [image loading] IMLosirA (KangHo)

I know things have been very confusing and dramatic recently. I know nobody seems to know what's going on. I know everybody has opinions. But I'm telling one thing for sure. TaeJa is about to play in Code S. You should tune in. And support him! Make sure to tweet your love and cheer @LiquidTaeJa and post in the Liquid`TaeJa fanclub!

TaeJa Fighting!
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