Liquid vs Acer in the Acer Teamstory Cup!

By tree.hugger
05:59 April 16 2013
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Graphics by Shiroiusagi

Postponed due to the NA server being down. Sorry.

Our first match in the Acer Teamstory Cup started off a bit slowly. HerO, Zenio and Ret fell to the power of ROOTSage. Then there was TaeJa, and TaeJa... well... he did what he first became known for doing on Liquid. He carried hard, all-killing ROOT's Sage, MaSa and YuGiOh (x3). So a mixed start overall. But hey, we won!

Now after a bye week, we're on to our second match and it's against the title team; Acer. The squad that boasts frighteningly good zergs like Nerchio, Scarlett, and Bly is also the home of MMA. Acer actually was one of only two teams to beat us in our championship EG Masters Cup season, and they did so without their terran ace. There's no doubt that this will be a tricky match for us.

But our goal for the ATC is nothing less than the championship, and we'll need to beat Acer to do it. The Green team is a surprising 0-2 so far, and whatever is ailing their performance should be our ticket to victory.

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— Acer Teamstory Cup —

Tuesday, Apr 16 1:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

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So are you ready for some ZvZ? Our line-up might be zerg heavy, but Acer takes the cake. They're so zerg heavy, they brought DarkHydra onto the team as a terran, and he switched to zerg. Their top line is Nerchio, Scarlett, and Bly. These three are almost guaranteed to see action here. Their ace, as mentioned before, is MMA. That's likely to be the sum total of their line-up, because if we push them deep, expect a previous player to be revived as the ace.

Who will figure to be the key to our match? This series represents a great opportunity for Zenio and his strong ZvZ to take a starring role. If Z can draw out MMA, even if he's unable to beat him, he'll have done his job. But hey, Zenio has been looking strong and motivated recently, and we should absolutely take advantage. Our European zerg trio of death is very versed in the match-up as well. That's the funny thing about this match. Both teams have a plethora of practice partners to drill in ZvZ. Maybe then it'll come down to the non-zergs. Can TaeJa repeat his spree? Can HerO figure out his HotS PvZ and smash? Or will we struggle to shut down MMA? We'll find out today.

??? < Star Station > ???
< Akilon Wastes >
< Newkirk Precinct >
< Whirlwind >
< Ohana >
< Daybreak >
< Neo Planet S >
< Cloud Kingdom >
< Bel'Shir Vestige >

We'll find out the starters at game time, but you can bet that this match will feature top tier ZvZ and a race to kill off the opponent's top terran. Exciting! Don't miss this match.

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