Liquid vs Quantic in Acer Teamstory Cup!

By tree.hugger
03:23 May 04 2013
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The Acer Teamstory cup has been rolling along for everyone else, but for us it feels like it's been moving in slow-motion. After our first match we had a bye and then a postponement. Our results have been equally awkward. After falling down 0-3 to ROOT, TaeJa stepped in an all-killed. Against Millenium, we again couldn't but a win, and this time TaeJa wasn't able to carry, so we lost 1-5.

The inconsistency between our teamleague results (bad) and our individual results (really good) is something that it hard to explain. But whatever it is; we need to fix it, and do so soon. Our third match (in week five) of the ATC is due, and against a team of Quantic's calibre, with HyuN, Apocalypse, StarDust (their joker card), Center, and HwangSin, if we're caught napping again, we're dead.

That said, despite my trepidation about our results, it's great to have another Liquid teamleague match to look forward to! Don't miss this match!

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— Acer Teamstory Cup —

Saturday, May 04 12:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)Acer Teamstory Cup
Live Report

Quantic is actually only 1-4 in the league so far; a surprising result given the names in their line-up. Perhaps they're suffering from the same malady that has plagued our first two matches. In particular, Quantic leans on HyuN to carry the team, but he actually has not gotten more than two wins for Quantic in any series (twice) and on three occasions has only gotten a single victory. That's a sub-par performance from him, and the Big Red Machine will doubtless be trying to figure out how to get him back into his dominating ways.

It's actually been Apocalypse who has done the most work for Quantic. In their one win on the season over ROOT, the unorthodox terran took a three kill. He and HyuN have mostly split the starting duties for Quantic, although HwangSin opened their last match. With a two kill against Acer, Center also established himself as a force.

Really, with Quantic, you can see that all the pieces are there, but they don't seem to be coming together all at once. Hopefully we can postpone that synergy one additional week!

??? < Neo Planet S > ???
< Daybreak >
< Ohana >
< Akilon Wastes >
< Whirlwind >
< Newkirk Precinct >
< Bel'Shir Vestige >
< Cloud Kingdom >
< ESL Star Station >

Sc2 teamleagues are simply the best. Don't miss out on all the action! Tune in and cheer for the boys in blue against the red menace! Our opening match should be a good one as well. We won't mention the starter, but just know they have a 66% chance of being a zerg. And a 33% of being something else.

Liquid Fighting!
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