Now with 100% more Snute: EG-TL vs STX Soul

By tree.hugger
21:57 May 04 2013
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Hey look at that! Liquid has four (count 'em, FOUR!) players in the EG-TL house now. With Snute traveling to the promised land, the boys in blue are now better represented in Korean than we've been in a long time. See below for a interview with the man himself and his first(second?) impressions!

All of this comes at a critical point in time. A promising R4 fell apart at the end for EG-TL as the team finished 3-4 for the third time. But that's the great thing about Proleague. You keep getting chances for redemption. And so EG-TL enters round five; down but not completely out. It's the second all-kill round, and we posted a 3-4 mark last time. Can we do better? We'll have to see, but it'll be fun to watch no matter what! Can Snute make it into the line-up? We'll have to see for that as well, but don't count it out!

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Monday, May 05 5:30am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2012-2013 Proleague

Opening for the boys in blue will be HerO; the strongest player for EG-TL throughout the season. But the awesomeness doesn't stop there. His opponent will be the fearsome Bogus/Innovation, who recently asserted his dominance by stomping the GSL Group of Absolute Certain Death. No doubt a challenging opponent for HerO, but one in keeping with tradition. In the four previous rounds, Bogus has been sent against a TL player each time (TaeJa 2-0, Zenio 0-2). Now, it's evidently HerO's turn to face down STX's ace.

kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO < Whirlwind > kr [image loading] STX-Bogus
< Bel'shir Vestige >
< Neo Planet S >
< Akilon Wastes >
< Korhal Floating Island >
< New Fighting Spirit >
< Newkirk Redevelopment Precinct >

The rest of the format should follow the all-kill style. Don't be surprised to see TaeJa sent against Bogus; his 2-0 record so far will look quite enticing to Coach Park!

Chances of Snute being sent out? Probably zero for this first clash, but we hope to see him on the team bench! For his own take on matters, and a check-up on how the transition is going, we spoke to Snute before he got some well-earned rest. Read the interview below!

Pre-Proleague Chat with Liquid`Snute
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Hey! Thanks for speaking with us, how are you doing?

Liquid`Snute: Good! My results have been so-so, a few impressive results I didn't expect and a lot of bad results too of course. But my motivation is way up there and I'm playing more games per day than I've ever done, so that's nice. I've settled down in the house and caught up on sleep. The others are extremely nice and caring of me, we don't really talk a whole lot because of the language barrier but we practice together and get along well!

You've been to Korea once before, what do you remember about your last time?

Snute: Part vacation part practice, lots of late nights at PC bangs, walking up steep mountains, eating at restaurants every day, staying up all night, having fun, good stuff. A bit sick too. But good practice, many hundred games ...

What were your first impressions this second time?

Snute: Hmm I've only been here for a few days but it's more like how it was to arrive at the MoW house, it's more isolated and I don't spend as much time outside as when I was travelling around with friends etc. Weather is way different in May than in July, right now it's very chill to be outside whereas late summer is uncomfortably hot/humid in daytime.

Tell us about the EG-TL house. How has it been for you so far?

Snute: It has the things that a pro-gaming house needs to have. Computers are great, practice conditions are superb. Sometimes noisy, sometimes super quiet and focused. But always a good mood and a top notch practice spirit.

Proleague starts in just a few hours; will you be there? Excited to see EG-TL in action?

Snute: I might be there - I'm excited

What are your goals for practice while in Korea?

Snute: Becoming better at the game... T_T

What are your goals for Proleague? What do you need to do to earn an appearance?

Snute: That's up to Head Coach Park to decide - my goal is to win. For me to earn an appearance I need to prove myself in the house, the coach is obviously paying great attention to all of us ...

You and HerO will be in New York in under a month for the WCS America LAN Ro16. So far, it's basically you, mOOnGlaDe and the Koreans. Have things gone as you would've expected? What are your predictions for that tournament?

Snute: Hm, I didn't know it was offline from Ro16 already. That's cool Koreans are strong so it's not that surprising. I was hoping to place first in my group but my G2/G3 vs TheStC weren't all the best to put it that way. If I am to predict anything it'll be that we'll have one foreigner in top 8. Cheering for that at least!

That's it for now, anything you want to say to your fans? Shoutouts?

Snute: Hihi :D I'm doing my best to improve right now, please cheer for EG-TL in Proleague! Being in Korea and the EG-TL house is a fantastic experience I'll be streaming sometime later but right now I'm just practicing like a madman.-_- kk

Don't miss Proleague in full swing tonight! Make sure to especially send your support to @Liquid_HerO as the starter, but also let @LiquidTaeJa, @LiquidZenio and @LiquidSnute know you'll be cheering for them! GOGO EG-TL!

EG-TL Fighting!
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