Liquid vs Fnatic.EU in WePlay Dota 2 League Ro8!

By tree.hugger
14:02 May 06 2013
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Liquid`Dota ended a long deserved break yesterday by rolling into the Curse Gaming Invitational finals, where we will face Na'Vi in a few days time. Meanwhile, we now turn our attention to the WePlay Dota 2 League. In some respect, the seeds to our recent success lie in this tournament. In the Ro16 groupstages. There, we were beaten by EG for the first of two times. Those two losses would fuel our turnaround and run through the G-1 League qualifiers.

Now, as we come back to the WePlay Ro8, the task at hand has changed. Honestly, it's a lot more simple with way less pressure. Our opponents are Fnatic.EU, the team we have played more than any other. We know them, they know us, so it's time to play.

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Monday, May 06 6:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)
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If our groupstage was underwhelming, Fnatic put together a groupstage run that showed why they're considered such a strong team. They 2-0'd RoX.KIS, then 2-0'd The Alliance in the winners group. Beating one team bound for TI3, and another team in the qualifiers in such convincing fashion shows what we've known for a while. Fnatic.EU can seriously play. But since those matches, Fnatic.EU has turned in a 2-6 record. Of course, two of those losses are to us, and two are to The Alliance, but after their sterling groupstage, Fnatic has struggled to maintain their groove.

Meanwhile, as mentioned above, our groupstage was underwhelming; we advanced by beating Keita Gaming twice, with the loss to EG sandwiched in between. But since then, we've been on an absolute tear; qualifying for the G-1 League LAN and making the Premier League finals. We are 8-2 in our last ten and showed strong play in yesterday's Curse tournament, especially TC, who had two games with 0 deaths against Mousesports.

Fnatic.EU: il Fly , se Era , de H4nn1 , fi Trixi , dk n0tail

The festivities start just a handful of hours from this post, after the conclusion of the battle between Kaipi and Mousesports! Don't miss a minute as we take on our most common foes in Fnatic!

Liquid Fighting!
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