Liquid vs EG in WePlay Dota 2 League Ro4!

By tree.hugger
06:26 May 09 2013
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Earlier in the week, we edged Fnatic.EU to move into the Ro4 of the WePlay Dota 2 League winners bracket. Our opponents were decided in a match a little later on that saw a stunning result; EG beating Na'Vi by a 2-0 score. Of course, given that Na'Vi has underperformed lately, while EG has surged, so may have predicted such an outcome. Still, the sight of EG easily handling a team of Na'Vi's calibre was a statement by our NA rivals going into the TI3 qualifiers. This is a team that is firing up the jets.

We stand squarely in their path in the WePlay Dota 2 League. They beat us in the groupstages; one of two consecutive defeats we suffered that helped turn our recent form around. Now that we're both on the same tradjectory, it'll be fascinating to see what occurs here. Expect a close battle!

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Thursday, May 09 3:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)
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This will be the first time we confront EG's new line-up in full. In is SexyBamboe, moving to coach is Maelk. Bdiz has returned from his break and is back in the #5 role. It was Bamboe's addition as a standin that began to turn EG's fortunes around a few weeks ago. Then, he was filling in for bdiz, but his synergy with the team evidently gave Maelk the opportunity to move into the coaching role and give way to a younger and more flexible replacement. EG has been juggling their line-up quite a bit recently; with Fear dropping into the active support role. While it's not always easy to predict who will be where, this is more a strength to EG's current line-up than a weakness. They are on form and unpredictable.

But so are we. Not only has our coordination been superb ever since that G-1 qualifier loss, but it seems to improve with every game. With the help of a stellar standin performance from MojoStormStout, we advanced over Fnatic. What was especially awesome to see was the introduction of a couple new picks into the pool. Korok played a deadly Slark in game two, and just a few days before he gave us a turn on Skywrath Mage. Both successful experiments follow our debut of Ogre Magi in the G-1 qualifiers. Every curveball we've thrown recently has been a strike. Might it happen again? Perhaps not, but you can never be sure. EG is another team that likes unconventional line-ups, so don't be surprised to see some funny drafting!

EG: us Fear , ca Jeyo , us DeMoN , nl SexyBamboe , us bdiz

We're near the end of the WePlay Dota 2 League! The winner of this match will see themselves in the winners finals, against either The Alliance or Mousesports. The loser drops down to play Dignitas, with a tougher road ahead. Lets save ourselves the trouble (for once) and advance through the top bracket!

Liquid Fighting! Read Liquid`FLUFF's blog! We play in the Bigpoint Battle May directly after today's match!
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