Big Moments: TLO vs MVP in WCS Europe Ro8!

By tree.hugger
10:16 May 25 2013
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Graphics by shiroiusagi

Sometimes people forget, but TLO once had a solid claim to being the best foreigner in the world. He qualified for the first two GSL's, reaching the Ro32 in one of them. But his wrist had already begun to hurt, and that crucial early injury would put a lid on his immense potential.Since then, TLO has worked steadily to regain his lost form. He has been remarkably dogged and patient in the process. He has suffered many setbacks and many successes. Now, in the opening acts of HotS, the TLO we see is the strongest version that has ever competed in starcraft. Not only is TLO one of the smartest and fastest zergs in Europe; his mental game is stronger than ever. If there was ever a time that he could break out of his tradition of losing in the brackets after a torrid groupstage, this is it.

But whether this match ends well or poorly for TLO, his progress has been noted and praised. The issue of whether TLO will get results to match his work ethic and potential seems more like a question of "When?" than "If?" Perhaps it'll start tonight. It's fitting that TLO has drawn a match-up against MVP. TLO's ZvT is top notch; perhaps better than his Korean opponent's TvZ. But MVP hasn't been the better player against many people in a long time. With his own wrist issues, MVP has battled irrelevance for over a year. But he has never slipped into it. He has experience that is impossible to match. That's why today's match is so appropriate. TLO has established that his skill is among the best in the world. But now he must prove that his mental game is up to the task against a master of the mental game.

Can TLO pull off the victory and make it into the WCS Europe Ro4? Only one good way to find out! Watch it live!

WCS Season 1 Europe Ro8: Premier
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Sunday, May 25 12:45pm UTC (GMT+00:00) (Estimate)

(Wiki)2013 WCS Season 1 Europe/Premier

On paper, TLO actually should be the most happy with this match-up. It's a ZvT, and TLO is 6-2 in that match-up in this WCS season, beating the likes of Kas, forGG, and Strelok. In particular, his responses to mech were groundbreaking, and MVP has long been known to favor the less mechanically demanding mech style. In WCS, the Korean is only 0-2 in TvZ, having lost to DIMAGA in the Ro32. Although he has advanced this far, MVP has done it as second place in his group twice, while TLO has been the top finisher on both occasions. If you ask "Who's playing better Sc2 at the moment?" the answer is surely TLO.

But that question and the most important question of all: "Who will win?" may have different answers. MVP has pulled rabbits out of the hat for years now. He was supposed to be crippled by his injury, but instead he smashed GSL after GSL. It's downright uncanny. MVP is also a master of preparation. Expect him to have studied how TLO took down the mech of Strelok in the Ro16. Expect him to have an answer.

TLO must stay on his toes. This match-up favors him, but he cannot forget the cleverness and resilience of his opponent. If TLO is confident in his game, but prepared to make alterations depending on how MVP plays, then he will win. If he plays inflexible and scared, then he may easily lose. It's all up to him. There's a lot at stake and this is TLO's time to shine.

de [image loading] Liquid`TLO < > kr [image loading] IMMVP

More than ever, TLO needs your support. Please make sure to post your cheers in the Liquid`TLO fanclub or especially contact TLO on twitter with @LiquidTLO and let him know you'll be cheering for him and believe in him. It makes a huge difference. Don't underestimate the power of the fans!

TLO Fighting!
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