Liquid vs MVP in Acer Teamstory Cup

By tree.hugger
06:34 May 29 2013
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Graphics by Shiroiusagi

Slowly but surely we're working through our backload of Acer Teamstory Cup matches. While some teams have played all of their eight matches, we've completed just four. But this week, we'll be getting back on track, with two back-to-back clanwars. The first of the bunch is against MVP.

The unquestioned leaders of the Acer Teamstory Cup table, MVP have already clinched a spot in the playoffs. Their record is 6-1, and only a hiccup against the brothers Moreno Durán cost them a perfect record. We're their last match of the groups, and this means quite a bit more to us than it does to them.

The boys in blue have had a difficult time of it so far. We've traded blows and lost to Millenium and Quantic. Against ROOT and Mousesports, TaeJa and HerO simply went on sprees and destroyed. We've yet to record any wins from anyone on the team besides those two. With depth to the tune of five WCS Premier League players; we need to be doing better. Today is another chance to show a full team effort.

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— Acer Teamstory Cup —

Wednesday, May 29 1:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

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Live Report

We know MVP has a full house of deadly players, but who have they been using in teamleagues? At first glace, you might be forgiven for thinking MVP has a whole host of young blood in the game. But it turns out, names like Swagger, Super, duckdeok, and Billowy are simply renamed veterans like Killer/Sangho, Vampire, finale, and Lure. Oh well, from my perspective, they're all upgrades.

Except for Monster, who has renamed himself to NAKSEO.

Awful, just awful.

But literally, they all changed their IDs, it's ridiculous.

Against these fearsome opponents, we'll likely be sending our top protoss player Bowlcut, and our deadly terran Glasses. Also likely to make an appearance will be members of our battle hardened zerg line, namely; Passionbeard, DRONEZ, Lutefisk, and Handshakezerg. Against such fearsome and wily opponents as MVP, we must stay on our toes and have confidence in ourselves. Even though the opposition are Korean players, we have proven success against Koreans, especially in WCS.

Against protoss, we have Bowlcut as our primary option, who has had good PvP results throughout HotS. Against zerg, Glasses is a strong option, while we can't forget Lutefisk's recent win over ZergBong in WCS. Then, when faced with terran, nobody is better prepared than Passionbeard, who has played some of the world's best terrans in the past few weeks and come out looking better than ever.

With an ensemble like this, we're bound to realize our potential sooner, rather than later.

??? < Bel'Shir Vestige > ???
< Cloud Kingdom >
< Whirlwind >
< Akilon Wastes >
< Neo Planet S >
< Daybreak >
< Newkirk Precinct >
< Ohana >
< ESL Star Station >

Don't miss this match! The best team in the Acer Teamstory Cup won't be a pushover, but it's time we started playing like we're supposed to.

Liquid Fighting!
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