Mortal Once More: EG-TL vs KT Rolster

By tree.hugger
00:20 June 25 2013
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A four game win streak is destined to be the longest of the season for EG-TL. Although they lead 3-1 against Samsung KHAN earlier in the week, the Unholy Alliance was unable to get the final win needed and fell 3-4 to the boys of January. So ends the best run from EG-TL in the season. It was exciting to be sure.

And hey, who says it needs to end? Good form is good form, and we're perfectly able to continue playing good Sc2 today against KT Rolster. A win here would give us four victories in Round Six, which means a winning record and would be our best round score to date.

Here's another reason to win here. KT Rolster is the only team we have never beaten. although they have lost 17 times this season, not a single one has been at our hands. They began the first half of the season without dropping a map to us. Three times we lost 0-4. In round four, we lost 3-4. In round five, we lost 1-4. This is our last chance to show KT that we're not to be pushed around.

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Wednesday, Jun 25 5:30am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2012-2013 Proleague

HerO is the only Liquid player playing. But, as is always the case, he has been matched against the best player on the opposing team. Oh, and when you're playing KT, that player is Flash.

Let me repeat; HerO vs Flash.

While you get a change of pants, this match-up actually seems quite even. HerO holds a 50% (14-14) PvT record in HotS. It is by far his worst match-up. But Flash's record is not much better. He has a 55% win rate, with an 11-9 score. This is a battle of two titans, but they're both fighting on very uncertain ground. In their last encounter, which took place during KT's 4-1 victory, HerO stopped Flash's kill streak. But with today's match in the PL format instead of Winners League, the added factor of preparation makes that earlier result less predictive. We'll just have to see what both players come up with for this match.

In the rest of the line-up, EG-TL is relying on wins from aLive and Oz to carry us to the later part of the match. Jaedong is playing the inexperienced MyuNgSiK in the sixth spot, which should fall into our column if we can get there. We'll try to avoid an ace match, but that may not be possible. If it occurs, HerO vs Flash is a very likely match-up.

kr [image loading] EGJYP.RC < Neo Bel'Shir Vestige > kr [image loading] KT_Stats
kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO < Newkirk Redevelopment Precinct > kr [image loading] KT_Flash
kr [image loading] EGaLive.RC < Neo Planet S > kr [image loading] KT_Zest
kr [image loading] EGOz.RC < Akilon Wastes > kr [image loading] KT_Crazy-Hydra
kr [image loading] EGRevivaL.RC < Naro Station > kr [image loading] KT_hitmaN
kr [image loading] EGJaedong.RC < New Fighting Spirit > kr [image loading] KT_MyuNgSiK

Ace < Korhal Floating Island > Ace

HerO vs Flash, HerO vs Flash, HerO vs Flash. You won't want to miss this. It's the second series, don't forget to tune in and catch the match and see if EG-TL can finally beat KT!

EG-TL Fighting!
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