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By tree.hugger
05:02 July 03 2013
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August 7th.

Hope you've got it circled on your calendar. That's the day that play begins in Benaroya Hall, in Seattle, Washington for The International 3. Currently almost $2,500,000 is up for grabs to the world's best Dota 2 teams. Team Liquid has been invited to the party, and we're not taking this lightly. Today the team has assembled in Las Vegas, NV to begin a month-long bootcamp to prepare for the event. There's going to be squats, rope climbing, crawling under barbed wire, cleaning floors with toothbrushes, punching slabs of meat, and a lot of running through puddles of mud.

Oh, and the guys are going to be playing a lot of Dota as well.


Here's Nazgul with the 30,000 ft. view:

They will learn a lot from spending a month together doing nothing but practice. This group of players has never done a bootcamp together and we have good hopes for their preparation. Besides these benefits for the team we also hope to release a lot of content related to the bootcamp, so that the fans can benefit from it as well!

      - Liquid`Nazgul

Team manager Bumblebee is will be staying with the team for the full month. Here's his take:

The difference between playing together in an online setting versus an offline setting is like day and night. Here in Vegas, there's no place to retreat and everyone will be forced into being an asset to every aspect of what it means to be a professional athlete on an esports team.

That being said, there's no doubt that every single team out there have issues to some extent; personality clashes, communication issues, difference of opinions or alike. I'm sure you all have experienced the issues that can arise when you're doing something where other people heavily influence the outcome of your situation.

The only goal from here is: Become the best team in the world. That's ultimately what we strive for and have been working for. The thing I believe we're going to work on the most is getting people onto the same page. We need to start playing as a team, as a unit. Think alike, be aware of eachother's game and communicate when we're in need of assistance from teammates.

      - Liquid`Bumblebee


We're happy to once again be staying with our good friend Mig, who has previous put the team up during IPL events. You've seen his house in parts of Liquid Rising. It's spare, understated, and 100% focused towards creating a grueling esports training environment. Check out some of the pictures:

+ Show Spoiler +

Okay, maybe it's not so hardcore.

But Dota 2 is definitely the name of the game for the team. With TI3 growing more and more epic, the success and failure of each team is going to come down to their bootcamp. With the leadership of FLUFF, and the contributions of ixmike88, TC, Korok, and BuLba, we're going to make the most of this opportunity and come into Seattle ready to shock the world.

Seeya there.

Liquid Fighting!
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