ixmike88 Off Active Roster, to Remain on Liquid

By Liquid`Nazgul
21:41 September 20 2013

ixmike88 Off Active Roster, to Remain on Liquid

After nearly a year of being on Liquid, ixmike will be hanging up his hat as a player and moving on to focus on other Dota activities. One of the inaugural Dota 2 players on Liquid, we're proud of his time on the team and he will be staying with us though not as an active part of the roster.

We'll continue to support him wherever his life takes him. Thanks Mike.


I want to start out by saying that as a team owner, I am incredibly proud of what TC, Korok, ixmike88, FLUFF, and BuLba achieved during the nine months they were together. They placed consistently high in just about every tournament, won several championships, qualified for G-1, and finished the highest of any American team ever at the International. I am proud of every single one of them and not just the ones remaining on our active roster, as they did all of this as a team. I am grateful to these guys for putting Liquid on the map as a force in Dota.

Sadly, after today, ixmike88 will no longer be a part of our active Dota roster as a player. He will however, remain on Liquid to pursue other Dota related goals.

Following The International 3, we sat down with everyone to see where what their thoughts were on our future. There was a feeling in our group that their goals for 2014 would be better achieved with another player in place of Mike. FLUFF, TC, and ixmike88 go back a long time, and this was by no means an easy decision for anyone to make. After a lot of careful thought, we had to admit it was the best move for Liquid going forward.

What made it even harder was that it was a great year where we had a lot of success with Mike. He was always crucial in keeping team morale up when things got difficult, and put smiles on everyone's face when they needed it most. He will unquestionably be missed as a teammate, but he will stay around as a friend.

Upon hearing the decision, Mike expressed a desire to stay with our organization. It's not often that you hear about players and teams splitting without some bad blood, so it made me feel extremely grateful as a team owner and manager that Mike wanted to stay. Mike has always been someone who is great to work with, and I am proud that he feels good enough about how our organization functions to continue being a part of it. While good results in competitions are important, it's just as important for me to know that we have done our job at being a good team and organization as well.

For now, Mike has put his competitive aspirations aside and would like to focus on other things in our scene such as streaming, possibly casting, and of course, IXDL. Mike popularized IXDL, and as a league it is really driving the top level NA scene right now with several players who have come up through IXDL on the verge of establishing professional careers. Mikes contributions to the scene cannot be understated.

If Mike ever feels the competitive fire starting to burn again, then he will be free to go wherever he wishes. Until then, I am proud he chooses to be with Liquid.


I'm not sure how to start other than by thanking all of the fans and supporters of myself and Team Liquid. It’s been an incredible year (9 months but whatever) and it wouldn't have been made possible without you guys.

Somewhere along the way, Dota stopped being fun. It turned into a tedious chore and a job that I couldn't stand to be around. I had completely lost my motivation to do anything more than just show up for scrims and matches. Most of my "free" time was spent streaming IXDL games which I would take mostly as a joke and never use as a tool to improve, or programming; a hobby that I've found brings me a ton of satisfaction over the year.

LANs are incredibly awesome. They’re a place where everyone can be themselves without the social stigma of feeling like a nerd. Going to G-1, DreamHack Summer and TI3 were some of the best experiences of the year and probably my life. So I want to thank everyone again who supported me, because I probably would have stopped caring as much as I did a long time ago if it wasn't for the warm feeling of being at home on LAN.

Our list of accomplishments looks pretty good on paper: the third most winning Western team (as of now, behind Alliance and Na`Vi), qualifiers of    G-1, and the only American team to ever place in the money at The International. While I’m not disappointed with the year, we still let our fans down. Everyone, including and especially ourselves knew we could perform even better had some things been different.

I want to thank Team Liquid for all of that they have done for us throughout the year. I've never met a group of people so supportive and hospitable, and none of this would have been possible without them. For this reason, I intend to continue to work with Team Liquid, despite no longer being on the Dota team.

As for now, I consider myself on break from Dota. In this time, I am going to pursue other things such as NEL, IXDL, and other things. I don’t know where I want to go regarding Dota, but I plan to take this time to reevaluate my situation and perhaps find my inspiration again. For those interested, I will continue to stream casual IXDL games and maybe some programming. Finally, I would like to thank all of my fans, supporters and Team Liquid for everything, it would have been incredibly less enjoyable without all of you guys.

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