Liquid` and Team Dignitas Trade Korok and Wayto

By Liquid`Nazgul
22:22 September 21 2013

Liquid` and Team Dignitas trade Korok and Wayto


Words from the owner

No team can avoid being part of the post-TI player shuffle. For Liquid, our first move is that we will be trading Korok for Dignitas' Waytosexy. With ixmike88 leaving our active roster, Peter "Waytosexy" Nguyen will be playing as our 5 position. You can read team Dignitas' announcement here.

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I am extremely proud of everything Korok and Liquid achieved over the last nine months. All of these guys represented Liquid in exactly the way I had hoped, both in results and the professional way they conducted themselves. Korok, as too, gave Liquid everything I could have hoped for in a player.

However, as we searched to put together an optimal squad for the upcoming season, we came to realize that Korok's playstyle did not fit as well with the rest of the team as we had hoped. There is no denying Korok's incredible skill and exciting playstyle. Few in the world have his play making ability combined with ruthless aggression. Who could forget the absolute destruction he wreaked on opponents with Ursa at TI3?

But sometimes individual skill is not enough if it does not harmonize with the rest of the team. Throughout the year there was some internal tension around this point, and at times the team felt stuck because it couldn't narrow its differences in opinion on how it should play. As a result, the teams cohesion suffered.

I have to commend everyone for coming together like professionals by trying to make it work as best as they could in preparation for TI3. Seeing everything from up close, you could see everyone put in one last, great effort to keep everything together and get the most out of the team. They figured out a way to deal with all the complications, and their hard work paid off with an amazing run at The International. However, it was clear that it would have been incredibly difficult to keep it up afterwards.

If the members of Liquid had absolute confidence in each other I would have been thrilled to sign everyone on for another year without hesitation. But part of being a sports team means you have to keep improving when things aren't working out, even if it means making big changes. That is what we are doing here today. This is not a situation where anyone is right or wrong, or deserves any blame. It is simply a better choice for Liquid to part with Korok and find someone that resonates better with the other four members of the team.

Dignitas are getting a great player, but I think they already know that. We hope Korok fits in on his new team, and wish him the best of luck going forward!

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Filling roles is not easy, even when you are confident of what you are looking for. There are only so many players out there who are available, as well as a good fit in terms of strategy and personality. With ixmike88 departing, Liquid was looking for a player who could play the 5 position. Specifically, one able to make calls and take initiative, and one that could add to our ability to outdraft opponents both in terms of broadening our hero pool as well as giving strategic input. We believe we have found such a player in waytosexy.

Although TC will continue to be in charge of drafting, it will help the team for him to receive input from another player who has shouldered that same responsibility at the highest level. In the past there were times when there was not enough input from other team members regarding our drafts. It was too common to see Liquid communicating too little about how to play, why to play that way, and how to best practice it. Wayto's dedication to thinking about the game and working on team strategy outside of playing hours should prove to be invaluable. One only has to spend a couple minutes talking with him to understand how motivated he is to improve himself and learn about the game.

Wayto's versatility in being able to play a large hero pool including heroes like Chen and Rubick will allow us to expand our drafts. This, together with a FLUFF's similarly broad hero pool will make our 4-5 positions incredibly difficult for any team to face. It will increase our ability to throw opponents off course when needed, and give TC the option to draft in a more strategic way than before.

At 19 years of age, Waytosexy is still young and has a bright future ahead of him. To have captained one of the major North American teams brings in a wealth of experience and skill, and compliments Liquid perfectly. We believe his friendly demeanor and willingness to help others to be a good fit with what Liquid represents. Liquid`wayto, welcome to the team.


Above all else in Dota, I value dedication the highest. To get to the top and stay there requires a team willing to try their hardest to win and get better. This is one of the main issues that I feel plague Dota teams and cause stagnation. It's insanely hard to find 5 people who are at the same level of motivation and dedication along with the individual skill to be on a top. Watching replays daily and trying to get better by practicing laning and thinking of new strategies should be a duty done by all members of a team if they truly want to be the best (case in point: Alliance).

That's why in the upcoming year, I want to play with a player who is willing to try their hardest and give it their all. Wayto aka Peter was definitely a top candidate for this spot. He is one of the smartest people I've played with and I know that he will do everything it takes to win. He is a good friend of all of us and he has the knowledge to help us become better in all areas as a Dota team. I can't wait to play in the upcoming year and cement our spot as a top international Dota 2 team!


It’s an honour to be given the chance to play for Team Liquid. I know we will be a team that will have friendship, trust, and commitment; virtues that we will need to succeed within the upcoming year. I know it will take very hard work to be one of the best teams internationally, and without a doubt I have faith in my teammates and myself that we can achieve this goal. Playing on a professional Dota 2 team not only requires the right attitude and mindset but also interaction with the community. By being on respected team like Liquid, we will always be able to keep in touch with the Dota community and fans.

I don’t look to just carry over my individual skills and talent towards Team Liquid but I will also create a very happy and energetic vibe for the team. Liquid is going to be my new home and I could not have asked for a better environment that’s so comforting and welcoming. My journey is only about to start on Liquid and I know it will be a very memorable one with laughs, smiles, and rewards. I will try my best to make my teammates proud and keep all my fans smiling.

To all my fans, friends, and family thank you for always supporting me you guys are really are a big part of my life, you guys made who I am today the always happy, smiling, and excited Liquid`wayto. I would like to give special thanks towards my old team and teammates: Dignitas Sneyking, Aui_2000, Fogged, Universe, Charlie, and Odee I wish you all the best in the future.

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