TeamLiquid Team Shirt On Sale

By disciple
18:13 September 21 2013
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It's pretty fucking cool to finally see these shirts on sale. Internal struggles were a part of this process more than ever, and running into new problems seemed more habit than exception. Our tendency to try and solve problems instead of ignoring them can work against us in getting things done fast, but getting things right is something we strongly believe in as a company, and this shows in our products. Those of you who have bought from our store before will be able to confirm this, and those of you who haven't yet will have to take our word for it.

I would like to thank HawaiianPig for the design, disciple for all his hard work behind the scenes of our store, Amy from our production company who seems like she never sleeps, and most of all I would like to thank all of our fans who make it possible for us to work on these projects.


Teamliquid Team Shirt
$25.00 USD

Design and Fabric

The team uniform follows our philosophy of clean design and comfortable fit. Our original team shirt was one of the most popular symbols in ESPORTS, that's why we wanted the new design to feel familiar to our fans. Yet we can comfortably say the new shirt improved upon every aspect of the old one - the shirt model we used is way more comfortable, the quality is much better as well. Despite all the improvements and new design features, such as the TL emblem embroidery, we've managed to keep our production costs down and ultimately offer the shirt for the same price as the old one - 25$.

For a period during the early stages of the uniforms development we were discussing what fabric exactly we want to use. While polyester offers more of a sporty look, we decided that the comfort of the 100% cotton shirt is of great importance for us and especially for our players, who want to stay nice and comfy even during the long hours of play at live events. Combined with the design, we believe using cotton shirt in our case truly results in a product that can be worn all day, everyday and in every environment.

Coming Soon on EU Store

As much as we wanted to launched the shirts in EU today, the logistical problems about producing identical shirts on both stores have once again proven to be very difficult and time consuming to deal with. Due to supply shortages we had to look for another option for the shirt model and possibly a different manufacturer. Finally, some time by the end of August we found a great substitute produced by a German company. Our shirt printers in the UK are currently waiting for the blank shirt stock to arrive and will proceed with the production as soon as possible. Because sewing the emblem on is a delicate work, we expect to have the production run completed in about a month from now. More details about the exact launch date and pricing will be available soon. Once again we apologize to our EU fans for the delay ,but still strongly suggest them to wait for the EU launch, so they can enjoy vastly superior and more reliable shipping.

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