Presenting Liquid`iNcontroL and EGTLO!

By tree.hugger
01:09 September 28 2013
The last few months have been quiet, drama free ones in the Sc2 scene. In fact, it just doesn't feel like Starcraft anymore. But that's all about to change. Today, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses are excited to announce the completion of a historic trade. Two players who were actively seeking new challenges have found their homes on the others team. Yes, that's right, Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson will be joining Team Liquid, while Dario 'TLO' Wünsch will join Evil Geniuses.

In going through with this blockbuster deal, both Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses have delivered on their longstanding promise to make esports even better than before. We're sure our fans will be supportive of the swap.

To celebrate the transfer, we're excited to announce a showmatch between Liquid and EG which will be held Sunday, Sep 29 5:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00). iNcontroL and TLO will assume their new responsibilities as captains and lead their team to victory. We hope you'll join us in this celebration of esports.

Message from Liquid`Nazgul

Team Liquid founder, father figure

Team Liquid recently celebrated its 11th Birthday, an incredible achievement for any website. Over the years, we have been host to an incredible community and we have had a number of incredible individuals call this site their home on the internet. As I write this, I have one such individual in mind, who has truly dedicated his life to Team Liquid and all that we stand for. I'm talking, of course, about Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson. I've known Geoff for many years. Whether he has been flaming Testie or abusing his banling powers, it's hard to think of a figure who has impacted the website and the scene more. That's why, in a move that seems way too late, we're finally able to welcome Geoff to the Team Liquid family.

Over the past few years, Geoff has dedicated his time to helping a North American Counterstrike team expand into the Starcraft scene. We've watched with pride as a member from our community stepped out of his comfort zone and helped this small, little known team become a team large enough to pick up a struggling LoL squad. While Geoff has made his way in the world, Team Liquid has done quite well as well. Now, our parallel tracks of success converge. Geoff will join Liquid, where he will finally be with an organization that wins foreign Sc2 teamleagues and sent a Dota 2 team to The International 3.

Geoff brings much to the table. As Liquid has gained more fans, we have also gained more detractors. Geoff is well practiced at arguing with people on the internet, which was a role we have been lacking in the Team Liquid organization until now. In addition, as Liquid adds more sponsors, we've found ourselves without a player who is adept at plugging them all. With Geoff on the team, we will no longer struggle to promote Barracuda's extremely good and well paying job opportunities, Shiny Things and their incredible apps, NEEDForSeat and their embarrassingly comfortable chairs, Razer and their awesome peripherals, and TwitchTV and their great service. See? We're better already.

Sadly, to make this incredible pick-up possible, we have agreed to trade TLO of our players to EG in exchange. Dario has been a figure on Team Liquid for much less time than Geoff, and although he showed great promise, his inability to win a GSL championship after recovering from his wrist injury has been a severe disappointment to the organization. We're sad things didn't work out with Dario, but we know that he will be a great player for EG as they start their foreign Sc2 dvision. We hope that Dario will discover his motivation on EG, and wish him a happy future. Adios, Dario.

Message from Alex Garfield

C.E.O, Evil Geniuses Lmtd. Intl. Corporation LLC GmbH PhD

Throughout our combined time in the Sc2 scene, we've often thought Team Liquid is a pretty okay organization. On several occasions, we've worked with them, including on the amicable transfer of EGHuK, our joint venture in Proleague featuring EGJaedong, and most recently on the wildly successful crowd funding effort we held in conjunction with Papa Johns. During that campaign, we noticed the spark of salesmanship in a member of Team Liquid; Dario 'TLO' Wünsch. We also noticed that he was a very popular and talented player on Team Liquid. Naturally, we immediately began to look into how to acquire him.

In part because of our mutually respectful working relationship with Team Liquid, we of course know they didn't have the money to keep TLO, and of course, since it's all just an act, he was happy to join. Since charitable giving is tax deductable and because I'd rather not appear on anymore internet talkshows, we have agreed to trade one of our associates, iNcontroL, to Liquid and have also paid above market value for the rest of Dario's contract. We'd like to thank them for not leaking the details of this transfer to Slasher.

We think this trade will be mutually beneficial for both sides. While iNcontroL has in the past been one of our best personalities, marriage has dulled his once keen wits and his hunger to close a deal. That said, he brings a wealth of experience with him to Liquid, where even with his dulled wits and reduced personality he will thrive. We look forward to seeing them pick up a sponsor or two before iNc's inevitable "Liquid Retirement" in six months. In fact, we have already recommended that our sponsor Razer consider supporting Liquid as well. Maybe one day, with the right support, they will be able to keep their talented up-and-comers and have someone other than TaeJa win for them. Or they'll just switch everything over to Dota 2 and give up on Starcraft. Either way, we wish them the best of luck.

Meanwhile, we are pleased to welcome TLO into the firm. He will bring youthful exuberance and fresh ideas to EG, as well as a major tournament championship in the coming months, followed by a long period of building his personality. We look forward to using our unmatched resources to help TLO reach the next level in his career as a progamer and media personality. We hope you will follow him on twitter and subscribe to his stream. You guys can look forward to seeing him on plenty of talk shows, booths and in general everywhere but at a computer practicing.

As you might expect, both players are very enthusiastic about the trade. Here's what they had to say.


"I am proud to announce my joining of Team Liquid. Being on EG was nice but all that attention? Money? The pressure of being expected to lead esports to a bright and glorious future? Not for me. I prefer the laid back pre-retirement feel of TL where players go to disappear and allow the Koreans to do the work for us. Now that I'm on Liquid, I don't have to work at remembering the long list of sponsors! It's far more simple to work them into conversation. For example, right now, I feel like a Barracuda swimming up stream to mate and after that long journey of trials and tribulations while trying to not be distracted by Shiny Things! Piece. Of. Cake. I cannot wait to join my teammates on Skype and discuss all the most recent Zerg strategies! Lets do this!"

- Liquid`iNcontroL


"In Starcraft2 there isn't a single pro-gamer, no matter how loyal who, doesn't envy those on EG. The Lifestyle of a celebrity. Cars, Women, starring in commercials and an endless supply of energy drinks. Team Liquid was my home, but you don't become a Starcraft2 Monster by staying home, do you?

Not only will it help me bring my progaming career to the next level, as proven by iNcontroL, it'll also help me make the transition into the much more attractive follow up career of casting/hosting. And EVERY pro-gamer knows that's how you become rich without properly working. A dream come true.

As I add Evil Geniuses to my LinkedIn work history, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. I hope that despite the drastic rebranding of my persona you will still be happy to follow "EGTLO'' on social media and don't stop subscribing to my content. And make multiple accounts if you've already subscribed with your existing accounts."


Please support iNcontroL and TLO as they enter into the next period of their pro-gaming careers. And please continue to support Team Liquid, EG, their sponsors, and large delivery pizza corporations.

Showmatch date: Sunday, Sep 29 5:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses is the Western world’s best video game team and a leading new media agency with a client portfolio that includes such brands as Intel, Monster Energy, Razer, Kingston Technology, SkullCandy, and other major technology and consumer brands. Featuring gaming celebrities like Justin “JWonggg” Wong, Lee
“JD” Jae Dong, Dario 'TLO' Wünsch, and Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis, Evil Geniuses consists of only the most successful, storied, and influential gamers from around the world.


Team Liquid? Is that a swimming team? I didn't know you were a swimmer! It's not? Well, what is it? It's complicated? Does it have to do with horse racing? No? Why is their logo a horse? What did you say it was again?

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Left Photo Credit: Helena Kristiansson - Website
Right Photo Credit: Jeroen Weimar - Website
Pizza Art: shiroiusagi, Banners: Naganis
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