IM and TL team up as HerO returns to Proleague!

By Waxangel
14:39 December 12 2013
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We're happy to announce that we will be partnering with Korean powerhouse Incredible Miracle for the upcoming 2014 season of Proleague. Our very own Liquid`HerO will be living and training at the IM team house as he returns for one more go at the Proleague after last season's campaign with EG-TL.

Here's what HerO had to say:

"I was always close with IM head coach Kang "Hirai" Dong Hoon, and when EG-TL disbanded I asked him if it would be possible to stay at the IM house. Fortunately, things worked out between TL and IM, and we've formed a partnership that lets me stay at the IM house and compete in Proleague. I'm excited to have another chance to play in Proleague and prove myself, and I plan to have fun. I'll do my best alongside IM, so please cheer for us!"

Looks like we have a stake in Proleague once more! Thanks for your amazing support last season, and we hope you can give HerO and IM the same kind of support in the upcoming season. Outside of Proleague, we'll be cooperating with IM on other projects, so stay tuned!
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