Liquid`DeMoN #nojoke

By Liquid`Nazgul
18:50 April 14 2014
Photo credit: Red Bull Esports

Welcome Liquid`DeMoN

We still have a long way to go and I am very aware of that. Still, even though we can't say that we're out of trouble, things are improving. We are playing better Dota than we have in quite some time. With several close series and some wins against top teams there is a notable improvement in our play. Some of those hard fought games were won in part thanks to DeMoN playing a phenomenal Sand King and Dazzle.

He doesn't only bring the ability to play well, but he also brings an the ability to make others play better. Atmosphere is so extremely important within a team and the past couple of months have been really hard on our players. If you don't truly believe in what you are trying to achieve it is impossible to make it happen, and sometimes it was hard to see how to get there. That is the big change.

Perhaps the strongest motivator he brought with him is his #commitment to this team. DeMoN was on the verge of accepting a stable casting opportunity when we were looking for a trial of our fifth player. It was a deadline he could not get out of. Despite the uncertainty of a trial versus the stability of casting he declined the casting job and committed to the trial in a big way. A move like that inspires confidence and with it comes the belief that we can turn this around. As far as I'm concerned he needs this team and we need him.

DeMoN is someone who can motivate others and kick it into the next gear when it is needed, and with that he is a more than welcome addition to this team. If roughly a month or so ago you would have told me this were to happen I would not have believed you. Today, it makes a lot of sense. Welcome Liquid`DeMoN!


I would like to thank Team Liquid for giving me this opportunity to play under such a prestigious organization. This team has been in a slump for the past few months now and I hope I'll be able to lift their spirits high and rebuild the confidence they need as a team. BuLba and myself go way back and have lots of chemistry together and I want to build that same relationship within the whole team. It's going to take a lot of #hardwork and #dedication but I know in the long run it'll all be worth it. "Suffer the PAIN of Discipline, or Suffer the PAIN of Regret" #LiquidRising


Demon joining our team will be a great aid to both our play and our teams atmosphere. He has done a great job standing in for us the past few weeks and his playstyle has brought out a lot of #aggression I felt we lacked the past few months. I hope to prove ourselves as a team in the upcoming months and show that we have what it takes to contend among the top.

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