Name: Patrick Brix Age: 25 Country: Denmark Liquipedia Profile


  • 2015 WCS Season 1
  • Gfinity G3
  • Fragbite Masters Season 3
  • Fragbite Masters Season 4
  • 2015 WCS Season 2
  • @Liquid_Bunny Gumiho is such a cool player 1 day
  • @Liquid_Bunny @LiquidTLO You need to translate for Serral in future events 13 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny Time to start organizing Serral vs the world 13 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny Between that and EVO i guess i'll just be watching tournaments all day :D 15 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny Man these #GSLvstheWorld match-ups are too good 15 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny Thought #gslvstheworld couldn't get better after that series, then i saw that glorious Artosis hype montage #festivalofthestars 17 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny @Deligosa Not happening sry :[ see last tweet. Really happy you enjoyed seeing me play though! 37 days