Name: Patrick Brix Age: 25 Country: Denmark Liquipedia Profile


  • 2015 WCS Season 1
  • Gfinity G3
  • Fragbite Masters Season 3
  • Fragbite Masters Season 4
  • 2015 WCS Season 2
  • @Liquid_Bunny @wobsitopian Can't wait to watch your run man! Good luck :D 44 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny @ThatSarahPerson Thanks :) 78 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny RT @StarCraft: StarCraft 2 is going Free to Play! Campaign: Wings of Liberty Free Commanders: Free to lvl 5 Ranked: Free Unlock 🔎 https://… 109 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny Man the signature series videos are incredible this year 115 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny Time to watch the global finals, get in here! 116 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny Massive respect for Neeb for being so good, but these PvZ finals man... At least it'll be Snute playing. Gonna be cheering hard ^^ 163 days
  • @Liquid_Bunny RT @Liquid_Bunny: @dPixOptimus If i see another PvZ final with Neeb i'll fall asleep. Let's hope our boys can pull through 163 days