Name: Tim Fogarty Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @liquiddahang @Slasher ah yes, you are hard to keep up with! 5 days
  • @liquiddahang @Slasher Hero bans solve most of the meta-related issues overnight. That's the sad part. 5 days
  • @liquiddahang @JohnJHarwood impeach Trump if he shot someone on 5th Avenue? 65% yes, 29% no 7 days
  • @liquiddahang @steelydanalbum @ph1ldo Sometimes I wake up and play the mystery ache game. Back, shoulder, neck? What could it be?… 9 days
  • @liquiddahang @Slasher @cheddar @CheddarSports If I know you as well as I think I do, yes. 12 days
  • @liquiddahang @IamFortyLions Life doesn’t seem that weird. Humans, on the other hand... 14 days
  • @liquiddahang @JohnJHarwood @djrothkopf “Nobody thought it was possible that a mundane historical event would repeat itself” 14 days