Name: Tim Fogarty Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @liquiddahang @girlnamedmaggie 17 hours
  • @liquiddahang Step 1: transfer 401k paycheck deduction into account Step 2: ??? Step 3: Observe a net-negative transaction 18 hours
  • @liquiddahang @Slasher The game was never designed to be competitive. It continues to meet my expectations. 6 days
  • @liquiddahang @thehill At least he's not hypocritical. If Hillary won and allegedly committed felony campaign finance violations… 6 days
  • @liquiddahang @Quake Playing The Edge endlessly with friends in middle school on 56k on MSN Gaming Zone. 7 days
  • @liquiddahang @Slasher My game is harder and more skillful but not because I play it, it just happens to be so. 10 days
  • @liquiddahang RT @TeamLiquid: The year is cemented and the legacy grows. @LiquidRapha and @LiquidDahang are your @Quake #DHW18 CHAMPIONS 🏆🏆 #LetsGoLiqui… 16 days