Name: David Caero Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • SL i-League StarSeries
  • Insomnia57 - Truesilver Championship
  • ONOG 2016 Circuit Feature Tournament #2
  • @Liquid_hsdog 12 wins with whizbang EZ 2 days
  • @Liquid_hsdog @Amnesiac_HS @TempoReynad but the argent squire - blood knight synergy! 3 days
  • @Liquid_hsdog @G2Thijs Such a beast, keep killing it 6 days
  • @Liquid_hsdog It’s still way too early to tell though 8 days
  • @Liquid_hsdog I’m a bit scared of where the meta is headed. It feels like it’s going to just be otk decks and aggro decks to counter 😔 8 days
  • @Liquid_hsdog @Hs_SirSalty agreed, spider bomb is insane! 8 days
  • @Liquid_hsdog RT @Hs_SirSalty: Went 9-0 with @Liquid_hsdog Deathrattle Hunter deck whilst watching him stream it ^^ Started rank 871, ended rank 227! Got… 8 days