Name: Jim Gunnar Eliassen Age: Unknown Country: Norway


  • @LiquidJeemzz I did this before it was cool. 1 day
  • @LiquidJeemzz @TekkerZPUBG heia heia alle veia 2 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @FaZeFuzzface @LGUS @Teeqo @FaZemxey @FaZeDirty mxysxy♥️ 3 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @dohfOs @SurvivorPUBG mykL is lit 3 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @PoonageZ @PAT_KAPS @pubgonline Yeah, it probably would've worked, but now when it didnt it looked so stupid😂 The 1v4 was sick though 4 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @PAT_KAPS @pubgonline I was gonna comment on the 1v3 but terro took the words out of my mouth LOL 4 days
  • @LiquidJeemzz @VoxPUBG the one country I will never visit, they got the three things that I fear the most: Big spiders Big sharks Bigger spiders 4 days