Name: Nils Gebhardt Age: Unknown Country: Germany


  • @LiquidNurok @TidesofTime Keep doing what I do - competing. And invest lots of money and give away a bunch to the whole family 21 hours
  • @LiquidNurok @Walters_Dom That's not the point, I want the exact opposite. I didn't even know it was capped 😱 1 day
  • @LiquidNurok ? 1 day
  • @LiquidNurok I've never thought I'd say this but I honestly believe NA HL was so much better in those two weeks 😱 Coming back to… 1 day
  • @LiquidNurok Streams will come later this month, need to deal with some stuff and most importantly get rid off my cold πŸ˜‘ 2 days
  • @LiquidNurok wait a second... TI starts today.............. 😱😱😱😱 Stream got more unlikely 😏 3 days
  • @LiquidNurok Will most likely stream later today, without mic & cam (I got sick thx USA) πŸ€ͺ 3 days