Name: Kim Joo-sung Age: 23 Country: South Korea


  • @TLOlleh I want @TeamLiquidLoL to succeed in big international ones. I have been sorry to my team that i didnt perform well… 14 hours
  • @TLOlleh RT @TeamLiquidLoL: "Doublelift is the main reason behind my decision to join Team Liquid. I know for a fact that Doublelift is a good playe… 14 hours
  • @TLOlleh RT @LiQuiD112: Olleh is still contracted with Team Liquid. I've been actively working with him and his agent evaluating all the interest/o… 14 hours
  • @TLOlleh Koelleh 2 days
  • @TLOlleh @brttOficial ur word 2 days
  • @TLOlleh @BTS_twt is so famous everywhere 8 days
  • @TLOlleh @cawayeah @imCylo Noooooo not like this 9 days