Name: Saleem Young Age: Unknown Country: USA


  • @LiquidSalem @Dark_Wizzy_ LOLLLLLL 12 hours
  • @LiquidSalem @PG_MVD @Dark_Wizzy_ Did he forget snake 12 hours
  • @LiquidSalem @MVG_Mew2King @MGK_Ganondorf @attakinEden @Wizzrobe I’ve known this since brawl zzz 14 hours
  • @LiquidSalem @Dark_Wizzy_ Ew 14 hours
  • @LiquidSalem RT @Bayless_TV: Wanna beat Chrom? Just use Pit/Dark Pit. Thanks @MVG_Mew2King ;] 14 hours
  • @LiquidSalem @Zeevolts Yes and they’re the same. She just kills sideways instead of up. 15 hours
  • @LiquidSalem RT @TheMetaHQ: In case you missed last week's feature on @SmashUnitedCrew and #SmashBrosUltimate, we've got you covered! Congrats on the n… 15 hours