Name: Lyubomir Kozlovski Age: Unknown Country: Bulgaria


  • @LiquidSplendour @GranPkt @GnappeHotS we're just gonna start the #gottricked support club if it happens 🙉 7 hours
  • @LiquidSplendour @TheMastaLZ I agree but we decided on a more inclusive menagerie. 10 hours
  • @LiquidSplendour @LiquidHasuObs thanks hasu have to say you look old in that pic tho @CrisHeroes 11 hours
  • @LiquidSplendour @Khaldor Was planning the move for 2 years now. 11 hours
  • @LiquidSplendour @embodimenthots I reached the twitlonger word cap so couldn't put that in 12 hours
  • @LiquidSplendour Important announcement Read: 12 hours
  • @LiquidSplendour @embodimenthots Making a very comprehensive tweet about it right now, it will answer all your questions while being excellent. 12 hours