November 02 2016

When we stare at ourselves in the mirror, do we truly see our selves? Or do we see ourselves as how we want to be seen, or, more crucially, as how we want to be? Glances at our reflection at the end of the day and in the morning just as we wake offer only a snapshot of our selves. After all, who we are happens in between.

That is the purpose of Breaking Point. This past season, more than any other, Team Liquid needs to witness the spectre of our mistakes and hear the echoes from our arguments. This documentary is a reflection of an entire season, of an entire team, and though we did not expect this feature to be so difficult, we would like everyone to watch it with us.

You already know what happens: our team will crack in the furnace of competition, and at times unravel from the burden. Yet in between the heartbreaking losses, the social media chaos and the controversial roster moves, an even more elaborate tale unfolded. Experience the levels of stress that these professionals withstand on a daily basis and inhabit the same world they live in. Follow a preternaturally talented rookie, Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett, as his ideals clash with an experienced head coach. Will management side with raw talent or the World Champion veteran? Will you take sides?

This is more than just 'Rebirth: The Movie'. This is an unfiltered, unscripted and uncensored record of a season of strife. This is everything that happened in between, not just a reflection; this is who we are.

Here, you'll see us shatter.

And soon, you'll see us mend.

"Prob gonna be hella controversial when it releases."
"The rebirth movie is gonna be really good you guys should be excited."

"This is just no filter, I think our fans will appreciate it."
"Guys this gonna be one of best movies i ever seen. Nice."

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