Liquid 2017 Update: Reignover Strikes Back

December 13 2016

For a long time, our League of Legends team lacked a true leader. Since the departure of Dominate, the shotcaller role was divided amongst our rookie players. It was a lot to ask but they performed admirably in the role, even though the ultimate outcome could have been better. It could be seen most when our team garnered leads off mechanical skill alone but falter in the end game when a strategy needed to be developed in the heat of the moment. Leadership is something developed over time and with the right mentor, and our team needed both.

In 2017, this changes, because we welcome a player that embodies the leadership that we know will push our team in the right direction. Today, we announce that YeuJin "Reignover" Kim will return to the NA LCS as Liquid LoL's starting jungler. Reignover is a natural leader with immense talent and we're excited to watch how our team develops heading into next season. With the help of our support staff, our team this season will be better equipped to rule the Rift.

"Reignover is a player that has the complete package, which is really rare to find. He has the necessary in-game skills to be a top pro player as well as the natural and cultured aspects of being a leader. I look forward to seeing how he develops even further with our team."

- David "Dlim" Lim, Head Coach

"I consider Reignover to be one of the best players in his position. He brings shot-calling, experience, and overall positivity to the team and his winning mentality is something we admire. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with our new coaching and support staff."

- Steve "LiQuiD112" Arhancet, Co-Owner and CEO

YeuJin "Reignover" Kim

Most Played Champions

YeuJin "Reignover" Kim made his debut in 2013 as a member of the Korean team, Incredible Miracle. After the team failed to qualify for the LCK, he transferred to Europe to join the legendary esports organization, Fnatic. There, he went on to become a true star, achieving greatness through an undefeated 18-0 split, a Game 5 push against world champions SKT T1 at the Mid-Season Invitational, and a grueling semi-finals run at Worlds 2015.

After an amazing career with Fnatic, the young South Korean native would see himself in North America as a member of Immortals. Although he failed to qualify for Worlds 2016, he was a major catalyst in pushing the relatively new organization to greatness, culminating in a collective 33W-3L record in the entirety of the 2016 regular season and making a name for himself as one of NA's best junglers.

As a former member of Immortals and Fnatic, Reignover arrives with a lot of experience, and he has shown everyone that he's not just mechanically-gift. He is capable of making on-the-fly decisions that heavily influence the macro game and his presence is felt all over the map. Despite previously playing on teams with star-studded rosters, Reignover played an integral role in the success of his past teams.

Touted as one of NA's most efficient junglers in-terms of pathing, Reignover is a force to be reckoned with on the Rift. But it's not just his skills; it's his ability to make quick, intelligent decisions that will turn the tide for Team Liquid. That positive influence on our young players will hopefully be the catalyst for a successful 2017.

"I really enjoyed playing in NA this year and it was one of the best experiences of my life. During the break, l spoke with many teams and I decided to join Team Liquid because first of all I wanted to join an LCS team again since I really enjoy it. And, as I spoke to TL more and more, I found out TL is such a good organization to be a player for. As I get to see the roster, I had few points that I worried about, but as I talked with the players and played with them more, they were such motivated and dedicated players with really nice personalities, which I liked a lot.

With a veteran player and open-mind, motivated players, I think the team can easily improve in every aspect. I see the team tethering really well and perform way better as a team next year. I look forward to the new Team Liquid, because we'll be competing for top spot with the best teamwork, the strongest relationships and the most entertaining performances."

- Reignover

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