Giveaway: BestBuy Bundle Challenge

December 16 2016

Hey! LISTEN! Razer just came out with an awesome new Team Liquid Razer Deathadder Chroma Bundle ONLY available at Best Buy (it even comes with a mouse mat)!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're doing ANOTHER giveaway--it really is the season of giving. This time around, we'll be giving out a selection of our awesome outerwear AND a pair of HyperX Stinger headsets to each winner. And entering is simple. Everyone gets UP TO TWO (2) entries, and for the first, all you have to do is run to your local Best Buy and snap a photo of the Liquid Deathadder. Creativity is welcome and anyone can do it!

Mmm... TL Deathadder....

For the second entry, take a photo of the mouse and mousemat sitting with your set-up. We know a lot of you were going to take the TL Deathadder home anyways, why not come out with more chances to win EVEN MORE gamer things!

Winners will be chosen randomly. Contest ends DECEMBER 31st at 11:59pm PST.


Everyone is allowed UP TO TWO (2) entries:

  • First entry: photo/selfie of the Team Liquid Deathadder Chroma Bundle at your local (or un-local) BestBuy!
  • Second entry: take a photo of the mouse and mousemat with your battlestation

Tweet us a picture on Twitter with #TLBundle or message us on Facebook showing off your new gear!

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