Liquid Holiday Gift Guide

December 21 2016

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It's that time of the year where we're all scrambling to end 2016 on a high note with the Holidays just around the corner. Many of us have already completed their Holiday shopping, but if you're like some of us here at Team Liquid (you know who you are >:| ), you might have been too busy solo queuing to get out of the door and buy gifts.

Fortunately, we're here to the rescue with our Team Liquid Holiday Gift Guide. It's the perfect time to show your loved ones and the gamers in your life just how much they mean to you, and nothing says thank you like a good present. Well, you should definitely tell them too, yup. I guess that's recommendation #1 right there.

At Least They Didn't Ask For "Turbo Man"

If you're one of those family members faced with that yearly dilemma of "what could I possibly get my gaming obsessed brother/sister/son/daughter/grandma/goat this year", then look no further. You don't have to feel like the Governator on Christmas day, because we have something every gamer and Liquid fan will love.

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A true Christmas movie classic

The DeathAdder Chroma never looked so good. With the Liquid logo shining bright and blue, you can feel that extra bit of oomph when fragging your way through the holidays. Paired with a matching Liquid Goliathus mat, you or your loved ones will be skating around the opposition with ease.

And hey, did you know we were running a contest? Yep, get your butt into a Best Buy ASAP.

Growing Up Means Loving Socks

Remember back when you were a kid and grandma would get you that sweater for Christmas and you'd hold in a gag as you'd force out a polite smile, when all you really wanted was a die-cast Voltron action figure? You'd reach for the box with hesitation, the first ounce of disappointment coming as you press into the soft, squishy box. Disappointment would turn into anguish as the present fails the "shake test", with no plastic heard clanging inside. Grandma's great, but what kid needs more socks?

And then now, all that I that you really want is more socks and scarves and sweaters. I guess part of growing up is wanting your limbs to feel warm during winter, or maybe that's just common sense. Well, if you forgot to stock up on warmers after the mad holiday rush, J!NX is ready to wrap you up for a toasty Christmas. With tiered discounts of up to 30%, now is the perfect time to grab some Liquid gear.

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2-Pack Socks









It's also time to return the favor, because I'm getting grandma some Liquid socks.

Crunchy and Chill

このクリスマス, あなたの恋人を驚かせて。。。Wait, wait we already did that shtick.

So, it's Christmas Eve and the only thing you have planned for the holiday is to bundle up with bae in a warm blanket, make some hot cocoa and turn up the soothing sound of... Super Saiyan grunting? Yep, if you're like us, few things bring back the nostalgia of childhood Christmases as much as Dragon Ball marathons. With the release of Dragon Ball Super, that's a few more hours added to your bombastic binge of blonde hair battles. If your significant other is as into anime and Dragon Ball as you, then bonding over biceps sounds like a rather romantic way to spend the evening.

A Crunchyroll subscription? $6.95/month.

Sharing Dragon Ball with bae? Priceless.

Treat Yo Self

If, after all the presents and parties and steam sales, you've still got some budget left, then why not treat yourself with a brand new gaming rig? Nothing feels better than smelling fresh electronics out of the box (please stop looking at me funny), except maybe loading up your favorite games on Ultra settings after surviving on low for so long.

With the Alienware Alpha, Ultra will finally be attainable. Its 4 different configurations ensure you'll exactly what you want, and don't be fooled by the tiny box. Big things come from this small package. Of course, all that power would go to waste without a monitor to match. AOC's line of 144mhz, Quad HD monitors will blow you out of your needforseats with their 1ms response times and unparalleled gaming performance.

Sure, it's not going to improve your MMR, but at least it'll look great while you're trying.

A Totally 3D Christmas

For most of us, the holidays means spending time with the family. Unfortunately, coming home for the holidays isn't always an option, even as that feelings of homesickness grows. Good thing we're in the FUTURE because we have the next best thing.

Pair Discord with the HTC Vive for a Totally 3D Christmas! With games such as Merry Snowballs, I hate Santa and Quizality Christmas Edition, you can feel the merriment of Christmas even thousands of miles apart. After the fun and games, sit down around a block-fire under a giant block-tree and smash open your block-presents in Vivecraft while catching up and balance whining on Discord.

The family that plays together, slays together.

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Oops, I Already Blew My Whole Budget

Budgets are hard. Money is hard. Some of you may be veering dangerously close to the red on your holiday funds, but you're in luck! Whether it's an advent calendar or a spirit of the season giveaway, you can still cross your fingers and hope for the best with one of these contests. Okay, it's not exactly the best plan, but who doesn't love free stuff?

Need For Seat Advent Calendar

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HyperX Assassin's Creed Giveaway

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