2017 Liquid Jersey: Available NOW!

January 27 2017
It's a new year and we're back with a new jersey! With a refreshed design sporting the iconic Liquid Horse front and center, the 2017 Team Liquid Jersey is an intimidating improvement over our last iteration. Show your support for the team and proudly lace the stadium with the white and blue at our next LIVE event.

But wait, being a part of the herd doesn't just mean wearing white and blue this time around. Presenting: our new dark variant jersey! In a suave blend of blueberry and plum, we've engineered a dark blue tone that soothes your soul. Reminiscent of the ole' pure blue TL jersey, our dark variant jersey is the perfect alternative to the white and blue we've all grown accustomed to in recent memory. There's always more room in our closets for more Liquid gear.

Buy Now

Buy Now

Forged out of the fires of J!NX ingenuity, the jersey sports 100% polyester and weighs in at a comfortable 6.5 ounces. The closed-mesh performance fabric is cut to an athletic tee; absolute comfort is bestowed upon those who equip it. Our jersey will make you feel, and look, like a champion.

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