Love is in the Air - Pink Jersey Available!

February 10 2017
Valentine's Day draws near! Whether you're huddled up close to that special someone, or queuing up death match to show exactly what love hurts means, the iconic season of love is celebrated in many different ways.

For us, it means shifting everything to a bright, yet lovable pink & white color scheme (pink is the new blue after all). We simply felt our players need more pink in their lives, and so do you. Thus, the idea hit us like cupid's arrow: we need a Pink Variant of our 2017 Liquid Jersey--and we're making it happen.

Buy Now

Head over to the J!NX store to grab the PINK jersey now. This shocking top sports 100% polyester and weighs in at a comfortable 6.5 ounces--it's so light, you'll fly towards the sunset! The closed-mesh performance fabric is cut to an athletic tee; absolute comfort is bestowed upon those who dawn this garb. Our jersey will make you feel, and look, like a champion.... Of love.

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