The Liquid Fluff Piece

April 11 2017

Why should you be a fan of Team Liquid? Because we have the most adorable pets.

posted on April 11, 2017, in the afternoon

Liquid Staff

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Pets bring us joy, laughter, and the occasional mischief. Our players lives would be a lot emptier without them, and on National Pet Day, we'd like to show our furry little friends a little love! Here's a short list of Team Liquid's most adorable pets.

1. St. Vicious' VICIOUSLY adorable Pomeranian, Whisky

Yeah we can't do better than that caption.

2. StelluR's fluffy fido

Who wouldn't want to cuddle with this ball of fur?

3. EliGE's TWO CHIHUAHUAS (emphasis his)

We hope they're named Cache and Cobble.

4. HasuObs' two adorable rabbits

Oh geez, there's already three...

5. MESR's meowers

"I am the ultimate cuteness machine!"

6. darkmok's wandering doggo

Is that Rehgar using Ghost Walk?

7. Turn around little guy!

So cute

8. You two too!

Uh oh we think they scouted the DT's!

9. Those aren't wolves.. don't tell Lycan.

Surprisingly, he doesn't actually own bears or wolves.

10. TLO = The Leash's Off

Is that a xel'naga tower?

11. Piglet's presumed pupper

We're not sure if this cutie is his, but no way we're not including him.

12. We all know what they say about cat's and boxes

This screams fan art, so we're crossing our fingers.

And of course... NuckleDu's dogs.

We know that Du has a thing for sweets, so we're not surprised his dogs are just that.

There's also these, but we're not quite sure what MaNa's doing...

Mana always constructs additional pylons so his animals stay well fed

Photo Credit: Our Players

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