April 14 2017

Today we are happy to announce that we have acquired Russel "Twistzz" VanDulken. As most of you know, Twistzz was on loan from Misfits this week in EPL where we defeated Optic 2-0 and tied with SK 1-1. We are super excited to have this young star on our roster and we'll now let Twistzz introduce himself!

Hey, welcome aboard! How does it feel to be joining Liquid? What made you want to take on this new challenge?
Having this opportunity is the greatest feeling. I am ready to take on new challenges when coming into Team Liquid. I have worked extremely hard these past couple months on improving myself, being much more consistent and becoming a better player/person. The main reason I wanted to join Team Liquid is because I see it as a big stepping stone in my career. It gives me more experience as well. I'm very thankful to have this opportunity, thanks Liquid and to those who have supported me.

When looking at the Liquid roster how do you see yourself fitting in?
I see myself fitting in as a Coldzera type support player. This is a role that I do like along with lurking. In this scenario, however, Liquid already have a lurker. For this, I will be that impactful support player that they need.

When playing against Liquid in the past was there anything that stuck out as particularly good or bad?
The main things that have really got my attention is the team work and the potential that this team has.

Who at Liquid are you most looking forward to working/playing with?
Everyone but especially Nitro and Elige. Nitro is basically a father to me and EliGE is definitely the best player in NA.

Is there a part of your game you want to improve on with Liquid? Are there questions you're looking to ask Stanislaw or Zews?
With the help of these two amazing masterminds, I will mostly be looking to learn and develop better knowledge and skills within the game.

We've got a busy schedule in the next few weeks, are you ready to jump in?!

Any closing words for all the Liquid and new Twistzz fans out there?
Hope my fans are as happy as I am to see me playing under the Liquid banner. Thank you to everyone who supported me and thank you to Liquid for giving me this opportunity. I hope the Liquid fans will support me.

A big special thanks to my amazing girlfriend. She has been supporting me since the start of my career, she helps me with stress and really helps me recover after a loss. I love her lots.

Oh and how are your falling AWP skills? We want to do well at the next major....
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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