Liquid welcomes Ballistix to the team!

May 05 2017

I'm thrilled to announce Team Liquid's brand new sponsorship with Ballistix. After their sponsorship of the Blizzcon 2016 Heroes of the Storm champions, Fnatic, and other top esports teams, it is clear Ballistix are serious about esports. Micron produces high-quality, reliable, performance DRAM and their memory products will assist our organization by supplying our players with the best of the best. We're really excited to take this opportunity to show this tech giant the value of our scene.

It has also been a pleasure to work with Patrick "ESVDiamond" Soulliere - the Ballistix esports manager. Exactly five years ago, we worked together on bringing TaeJa to our organization. His read on TaeJa's potential played a crucial role in adding him to Liquid, and the rest became history with TaeJa becoming one of the most successful esports athletes of all time. It is exciting to work with a friend again, especially someone so attuned to the industry and I'm confident that we will make this a successful and lasting sponsorship."

- Victor Goossens

Ballistix is eager to announce the addition of Team Liquid to our global portfolio of gaming team sponsorships. Team Liquid is one of the premier teams in the esports industry, and we are thrilled to provide their players with our high-performance Ballistix memory products. In the world of professional gaming, performance is king — Ballistix memory delivers the performance Team Liquid players need to win world championships!"

- Ballistix

Ballistix Elite

The Ballistix Elite is for the 6-slotted carry player that demands to world class performance and responsiveness. Possessing some of the fastest speeds and bandwidths available, the Elite brings out the best in high end machines. Combined with the right CPU, GPU, motherboard, solid state drive and power supply, no one will be able to stop your rampage. It may take a little bit of farming, but the Elite wipes out the competition.

Ballistix Tactical

Strike the perfect balance between economy and aggression—the Ballistix Tactical pushes the limits of memory to help you get even more ahead. Low latency ensures your micro stays crisp and your harass hits often while your macro barely skips a beat. With a focus on efficiency, the Tactical is engineered to maximize heat dissipation. Leave your opponents behind as you come and take their ladder points.

Ballistix Sport

Get the most out of your Eco rounds by choosing the right tools. The Ballistix Sport provides exceptional speed and style without breaking your bank. Entry level desktops, gaming rigs, and even laptops can benefit from the DDR3 and DDR4 options that come in 2/4/8/16 GB module densities and speeds from 1600 MT/s up to 2666 MT/s. The Sport is here to boost every kind of gamer—but that headshot is still up to you.

Crucial MX300

Jump straight into the action with Crucial's MX300 solid state drive. Rattling your mouse in anticipation during loading screens is a thing of the past with read speeds up to 530 MB/s and write speeds up to 510 MB/s. Feel the difference as soon as you power on; the MX300 secures your frags for years to come.

Ballistix Giveaway

To celebrate this occasion, we're giving 4 of our fans an upgrade. Three (3) winners will each receive one (1) 16GB RAM kit (winner gets to choose between Sport, Tactical, and Elite), while one (1) winner will receive one (1) 525GB MX300 SSD. All 4 winners will also snag a TL swag bag to elevate their fashion game.

You can earn up to 6 entries with one of the following methods until Friday, May 12th at MIDNIGHT. Make sure to login to Gleam as we'll be contacting the winners through their login.

Good luck!

Ballistix Sponsorship Giveaway!

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