Team Liquid LF Heroes Coach

May 31 2017

Team Liquid is drafting a Heroes of the Storm coach! As one of the top HGC teams in Europe, Liquid`Heroes is on the cusp of something great. We need a talented and astute strategist that will enhance our strengths and help cultivate our culture of success.

Our current roster, which has been together since January 2016, is the longest standing roster in the game. Stability and teamwork are two values that we emphasize the most, and a prospective new coach must seamlessly slot into our pack.

A successful candidate is:

  • Well versed in competitive Heroes of the Storm.
  • Up to date on the current metagame and strategies.
  • A motivational and positive leader.
  • Analytical and results oriented.
  • A patient and resilient mentor.

Required skills, experience and equipment:

  • Excellent communication skills (English).
  • Competitive gaming experience preferred.
  • Relevant coaching experience.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare for and attend all team practices.
  • Analyse and study VODs, replays, and scrims of opponents and create scouting reports for upcoming games.
  • Set team and individual goals with clear objectives and requirements.
  • Communicate actively with players and staff, and listen to suggestions and points for improvement.
  • Ability occasionally to travel to live events (must therefore possess a valid passport and have good travel standing).

If you think you surpass our requirements, you can apply by filling out this application form and emailing your intro letter and resume to . Good luck!

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