Welcome Liquid`Zoos

June 30 2017

Adam “Zoos” Stupavsky is a former player in North America best known for his performance on Vox Nihili during late 2016. After failing to qualify for HGC 2017 as a player, Zoos pivoted to a coaching role for No Tomorrow. Zoos is well known for his calm demeanor and the ability to keep his team focused inside and outside of the game. His piercing insight and logical approach to the game will allow Team Liquid to push themselves harder than they ever have toward the goal of becoming world champions in 2017.

"Team Liquid is an organization that I have followed for many years and have great respect for. Team Liquid's Heroes of the Storm roster is very hard-working and all of the players take criticism well. I am excited to be a part of this roster and to enable the players to perform at their best through draft planning, focused replay analysis, and an improved practice environment. "

- Adam “Zoos” Stupavsky

"Ever since the departure of our former coach Jowe, we have been looking for a new one. Together with Liquid we had the chance to officially announce that we are looking for someone that would help the Team as an analytical and motivational coach. After several tryouts we met Zoos.

Right from the start we noticed that Zoos shares the right dedication, experience and knowledge for Heroes of the Storm. He was able to point out very important things in our communications that we need to work on, but he also shared his valuable thoughts on certain drafts or gameplay situations.

We want to improve as much as we can and in Zoos we have found the person that will lead the team in the right direction. We have to give him credit for our recent success in HGC vs TGG and Dignitas.

Lets make Liquid great again!"

- Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider

Make sure to watch our team during HGC Phase #2 as we compete to qualify for the Phase 2 Western Clash and 2017 HGC Finals. Our next game is at 6PM CEST against Fnatic, so tune in and cheer for Liquid!

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