Our Heroes Showdown at gamescom

August 23 2017
This year’s gamescom is right around the corner, and Team Liquid's Heroes of the Storms squad is going to be a part of it!

On Wednesday, August 23, the HotS team will participate in the Heroes of the Storm: Showdown match against their European rivals Team expert. There’s no money on the line, but bragging rights are fair game, and after being edged into third place during the first part of HGC Phase 2, and knocked out of the Western Clash by Team expert, Liquid is thirsty for revenge!

The event will also include a showmatch between two popular YouTubers, ApeCrime and PietSmiet, aided by a couple of Heroes experts. These showmatches will be played in the midst of several other games, exhibitions, and events, so it’s a great chance for the team to show off the excitement of competitive play in Heroes of the Storm.

Immediately after the showmatches, fans will be able to meet the Heroes of the Storm team and get autographs, so make sure to have your Team Liquid jerseys ready to go—and remember, Hasu’s head is for looking, not touching!

If you can’t make it to Cologne to watch the action live, make sure to tune in on Wednesday, Aug 23 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00). See you in chat!

Just before their journey to gamescom, we grabbed darkmok for a few words about the event.

What sort of audience do you think will come watch, and what are you hoping to show those people?

darkmok: I think it will be a mix of people. If what we do looks good, there might be people watching who don't even know Heroes! I am hoping to show some fun fights!

You’ll be playing against Team expert, who has become sort of a new rival in Phase 2. Are you looking for revenge after being edged out during group play and getting knocked out of the Western Clash by them?

darkmok: Uhh.. So even though we lost to them at the second Western Clash, my personal rival remains Fnatic. It is also a showmatch so I just want to have some fun games while trying out stuff!

Do you have any special and/or flashy strategies prepared to wow the audience and surprise your opponents?

darkmok: You know this kind of question cannot be answered without saying too much. I hope we can surprise ourselves by playing something we didn't practice and still shine with it.

What else are you planning on doing while at Gamescom?

darkmok: I will look around, see if there are good games to try out or go spend money on random and awesome things!

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