Liquid Wins Quake Duel and Sacrifice at DH Winter

December 04 2017

With back-to-back DreamHack titles, Team Liquid has solidified its place as the best team in Quake: Sacrifice. The debut of whaz was business as usual for the foursome, which also featured Rogue's winz. With a single map dropped throughout the entire tournament, Team Liquid asserted its dominance from start to finish.

First, the squad demolished the competition in the groupstage, amassing a healthy 3-0 record on a 12-0 map score. That put Team Liquid straight into the semifinals where they would face Modus Operandi — and proceed to clobber them. Despite dropping a round on Blood Covenant, Liquid still emerged victorious, 2-0, to lock in a spot in the grand finals.

2GD and his fellow Stacked players looked crisp after taking out 2z, but they would be unable to offer much resistance. Despite a few rounds coming close, Team Liquid once again stamped their mark on the series and claimed a flawless 3-0 to win the tournament. winz caught fire in the final series of the tournament and at one point racked up over 10 straight rails.

The team has now won back-to-back DreamHacks, making them candidates for the best team in Quake. Of course, our Duel duo would not be outmatched.

It took some time to get going, but it's safe to say that rapha and DaHanG are both back to their legendary standards. Unfortunately, only one man could walk away from the tournament as DreamHack champions as they faced the dreaded Liquid team kill in the semi finals.

rapha topped his group with an impressive 3-0 (19-9), while DaHanG came in second due to match scores (2-1, 15-16). Surprisingly, the reigning Quake World Championship 2017: Duel Tournament champion was knocked out at the first hurdle, though many of the favorites advanced from the group stages. The playoff bracket was much more competitive as both players moved on to the semi finals with 2-1 wins. DaHanG defeated Vo0 and k1llsen on his side while rapha pushed Xron out of the tournament.

In the final four, DaHanG and rapha squared off once again, and DaHanG would survive as Liquid's representative in the finals. The series was a nail-biter, with the final map of the series going to the very last round. That narrow 2-1 win seemingly gave DaHanG the boost he needed, and he proceeded to rout his opponent toxjq in the finals.

Despite the lopsided score, the series was closer than on the surface. DaHanG barely survived both Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath, but clutched out both maps 3-2 to seal the deal. The Quake Legend has now earned his very first Duel gold medal in Quake Champions, and by the looks of things, this won't be his last. Hopefully next time, we won't get that team kill until the grand finals.

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