Liquid Holiday Wishlists: Dota 2

December 21 2017
Twas the night before grand finals, and all through the house, not a player was stirring, not even a Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse. With the nerves of competition, the teams all wrote down: a list of their wishes, their thoughts holiday bound. We’ve collected them here and added some fluff, with hopes they’ve been nice enough for some cool stuff.

Have a wonderful holiday, and a great new year too.

From all at Team Liquid,
directly to you.

Dear Santa, I would like the tournaments to be more hyped like years ago, because Dota feels like its all about the money lately and it doesn't feel that good to play. I would also love it if you fixed the MMR system, because I'm spending 2 hours to find a game and it ends in 20 minutes (win or lose). I just really hope my two wishes happen. Thank you Santa!

This holiday season, I just need more Monster Energy for my ladder sessions. Aside from that, I hope that we start making long sleeve jerseys because it's getting cold. I wouldn't really change anything about Dota right now.

Dear Santa, please help us finally win a major in 2018. If you could buff my favorite heroes, then that would make it easier. I'd also like to have a new gaming setup in my room, and a decent internet connection if possible.

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