Miami Bound

April 05 2018
This Sunday, one team will be crowned victor of the most competitive split in NALCS history. The chaotic inauguration of the franchised system witnessed four brand new organizations and 10 new rosters battle to the very last moment for playoff berth. In the end, a five game tiebreaker marathon left six teams with a chance at the North American championship. To the script, we survived the day and entered playoffs as the fourth seed.

In Quarter-Finals, after a season of social media clapbacks, Spongebob memes, and intense head-to-head competition, we solidified our dominance over Cloud 9 in a 3-0 that would bring us to a five game victory streak over our baby blue rivals. On the tail end of this sweep came the Atlantic breeze and the call of a sunny day on the beach. Both would have to wait as we carried on with no interest of playing for 3rd place in Miami.

Semi-Finals brought us up against the regular season juggernaut Echo Fox. Though their second place finish carried a higher seed than our own, we disassembled them with confidence and composure—a 3-1 series which carried us one step closer to ultimate victory.

This Sunday we take The Fillmore on Miami Beach by storm. The 2018 Spring Split was one of improvement, hardships, doubters, and ultimately a revival of Team Liquid. Our dynasty is older than the NALCS itself, it’s time to earn a crown for its head.

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