Prepare for Liquid Drop!

July 20 2018

Get the squad together because Team Liquid is throwing a Fortnite fiesta! With challenges galore and 2 special guests, participants will be able to have a blasting good time and earn some V-Bucks along the way. If you're a wizard with nades, a bushwhacker, or just a really good shot, this is your time to shine. All platforms welcome!

The "Liquid Drop" will be held on Saturday, Jul 21 4:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00) until Saturday, Jul 21 6:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00). Make sure to join our official Discord server to find out how to participate and qualify for prizes. The whole event will be going down over there, so make sure to sign up!

Of course, no Liquid fiesta is complete without none other than Hungrybox, our first announced special guest! Hbox might not be a god at Fortnite (as far as we know), but expect more than a few highlights as the Puff himself tries to float his way to victory royale. According to him, if you've got a Switch, you have no excuses!

During the event, players will be put into random squads, and you might just end up in the same team as our special guests! Make sure to read the Rules below on how to join the event and qualify for prizes. Complete challenges, obliterate your friends, or just cause some chaos.

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Participants will have a chance to play Fortnite with either of our special guests! Participants who accomplish challenges must take screenshots and save them in their original resolution, then send their screenshots in between matches to make sure that they are not missed and can be verified by our team.

  1. Participants must be in the Team Liquid Official Discord Server and the Team Liquid Mobile Discord to be eligible to participate. ( (
  2. All matches will be played on the North American server, but is open to participants from all regions.
  3. Participants will be allowed to sign up until the end of the event.
  4. Participants are allowed to play on any platform.
  5. Screenshots must be submitted through Team Liquid’s Official Discord Server under the ‘#LiquidDrop’ channel and will be verified by our team on a case by case basis.
  6. Community Members will assign participants to their designated special guest’s team on a first come first serve basis.
  7. Team Liquid has the right to alter the ruleset or change challenges depending on event participation.

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Each player may only complete ONE (1) challenge per game. Each player may repeat and accomplish challenges across multiple games. Each verified and legitimate challenge completed will be rewarded with 1,000 V-BUCKS.

  1. Get the last hit on a Special Guest with a pickaxe .
  2. Get 1st place with a Special Guest on your team. Both you and the Special Guest must be alive at the end of the game.
  3. Get the final blow on a Special Guest with a grenade of any kind.
  4. Get 3 more kills than the Special Guest while winning the game.
  5. Win a game where your team is comprised of 2 or more different platforms. (PC/XBOX/SWITCH/MOBILE)
  6. Find and destroy a Llama.
  7. Knockout a Special Guest with fall damage .
  8. Get 2 trap kills in one game.
  9. Get 3 kills as a bush in one game.
  10. Get 5 kills at Tilted Towers.
  11. Get 1 kill by running over someone with a vehicle.
  12. Win a game with either of the special guests.

[image loading]

V-BUCKS! A thousand of them! That means participants can earn a maximum of... well, 1,000 multiplied by how many matches we end up playing. Make sure to screenshot each and every completed challenge and send them quickly (including your in-game name, the match number, and whatever information that might be relevant), so that our team can verify them without any issues.

Prizes may take up to 1 week or longer due to the verification process. We expect it to be a bloodbath with tons of challenges completed! Please be patient as we will be contacting you one by one on our official Discord server by a member of our community team.

All prizes will be #PaidBySteve, so winners will be able to say they've been paid by Steve. At least in V-Bucks.

You can join our official Discord server here:

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