What's Black and White and Pleather All Over?

September 11 2018

To design the perfect gaming chair, you first need inspiration — something that embodies what it means to be a Team Liquid gamer — and no, we don't mean a zebra. Even though that kinda makes sense.

One of our inspirations for the Team Liquid 2.0 Pro is Bayonetta, because with this reclinable, durable gaming chair we just kept going and going and going and going and going and going until we knocked out all the other gaming chair competitors with a single combo.

And we believe our fans will have that same benefit in-game.

But we know it takes more than the perfect chair to play the perfect game. Just ask one of the best Bayonetta players in the world, Salem, who knows his success is due to more than just his Smash 4 main:

"As one of the best Bayonetta players in the world, I know a thing or two about things in black, white, and pleather. The new TL Chair is everything I want in a chair, and then some. Everyone says that Witch Time is overpowered, but it takes practice, precision, skill — and of course comfort — to land it in those clutch moments."

So we created a chair that allows you to practice that grab setup longer and harder than ever before. With a comfortable seat and lumbar pillow, plus a supportive backrest, players experience less back pain and feel more relaxed and focused in-game so they can land those long-ass, cheap aerial combos in style. It's sort of like we're giving you a buff.

Competitors might beg us to nerf this chair, but we think other chairs just need to git gud.

We're also offering free customized embroidery on our chairs. Just follow the streams of Doublelift, Dog, Savjz, IWILLDOMINATE, or TACO to find out how to get your name (or anyone else's name) on your chair.

The first 10 (TEN) orders will receive a free TL Snap Back Hat included in the bundle! If you're looking for a brand new chair, now's the perfect time. Head on over to tl.gg/chair to check it out.

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